Wrightstyle Joins Global Elite With Continued US Testing Programme

Underlining its commitment to an increasingly global market, Wrightstyle, the UK-based supplier of specialist glass and glazing systems, has successfully completed a second round of stringent US fire tests designed to further extend its range of international test certifications.

The company’s commitment to achieving global test accreditation, rather than simply test compliance to either European or Asian standards, now places Wrightstyle in a global elite of glass and glazing suppliers able to supply fire solutions to every jurisdiction worldwide.

The move to achieve comprehensive US test accreditation is a response to Wrightstyle systems increasingly being specified in key markets worldwide. To meet this demand, the company earlier last year completed a first round of US fire testing, which includes the exceptionally difficult hose stream test that is unique to the American test jurisdiction.

Once completed, the addition of US test compliance to Wrightstyle’s existing European and Asian certification reflects an international trend towards the application of either European or US test standards, even in markets where fire safety requirements still fall below those standards.

In part, that tend has been driven by the growing numbers of influential US architects who are working internationally and specifying American test compliance for the glass and glazing components. However, it also reflects a growing demand that sensitive buildings should be designed and built to the highest-possible safety standards.

This second round of US testing with Intertek Testing Services in Madison, Wisconsin, was carried out on the company’s internal and external door, screen, window and curtain wall systems to successfully increase times for integrity and insulation – further extending the boundaries of what is possible with glass under the US regime, and underlining the safety and versatility of Wrightstyle’s fire resistant advanced systems.

Wrightstyle believes that with architectural and specification markets becoming more global, a requirement for US test certification will be increasingly applicable in other regions and countries. It is also a visible demonstration that Wrightstyle is committed to the development of highly-advanced fire systems that comply with the most stringent of international test regimes.

“The successful completion of this round of fire tests is merely a further step towards achieving US test accreditation across our whole range of advanced systems,” said Simon Bennett, Wrightstyle’s International Sales Director.

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Date: 13 February 2008
Source: Wright Style Limited press office

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