Veteco Solar is the ideal place for communicating new trends in the Spanish solar protection market

This is the first time Veteco Solar will be held in the framework of Veteco.

FRANCESC XAVIER ANDRÉS, Technical and Sales Consultant in Solar Protection systems.

What will be its contribution to the solar protection world and the window and glazed façade industry?

A whole lot. Solar protection, both inside and outside buildings, is yet another element of what we call the “gap” in architecture. And with the new energy efficiency qualification that all buildings are required to obtain, its influence on resulting values has a preferential position. It has already been present at other editions of Veteco, but on this occasion, and considering the change of dates, I believe it will achieve the high profile that it deserves.

What is the status of the Spanish solar protection industry? Is it healthy? How can the sector take full advantage of the opportunities presented by Veteco Solar?

Solar protection in Spanish industry is vigorous and healthy. We are in the throes of a generational change, which is giving significant new drive to the sector. It is rapidly expanding its field of influence, in spite of the economic crisis. The fact is that new technologies are being applied in the area and new, far lighter and more resistant products are allowing professionals and consultants to introduce their products into projects and situations where they are needed.

The discovery of new, lighter metals which are less contaminating to produce and more resistant, new fabrics, which are much kinder to the environment and which can even make an active contribution to reducing environmental pollution and the possibility of controlling and managing different products installed in homes and buildings with no more than an iPhone, or using automated systems that can be set to measure light, sun, wind, time, etc... All these promising new trends need a trade fair where they can be communicated and advertised. Veteco is just the right place to do it.

Taking into account the climate conditions in our country, what is the potential for growth in the solar protection industry in Spain? Are we in a position to compete with big international brands?

To answer this question, we first need to analyse our social and cultural characteristics. We need look no further afield than Europe to find countries that are far less sunny than Spain and have a far worse climate yet which are far more advanced when it comes to solar protection. I would call it SOLAR MANAGEMENT, because the system that we call sun protection in a country like ours, in the south of Europe, is the same as the one used in other countries where they use its functions at night, in evenings spent with friends on a terrace in our habitat, for example.

When we grow sufficiently in this respect (and we are starting to do so) we will notice generically that there are numerous possibilities for growth and competitiveness.

We are still dealing with the “expensive” idea of many concepts to which we need to add value that more than justifies the price with the results obtained.

How has the solar protection world evolved in recent years? What are the innovative solutions that we will be seeing at Veteco that will set trends in the market during the years to come?

I hope we’ll see innovations that will satisfy the sector's desire to move forward. We need to stop thinking in terms of 'more of the same’ and start defining the differences between different areas that are part of our professional area. I am convinced that “he who gives quickly, gives twice”. And national companies, (both manufacturers and commercial installers) should have sharp eyes so as not to let anyone snap up their opportunities.

Veteco Solar might just be a tipping point, and, if we are capable of making the most of it, it may mark a before and after.

The first edition of the Iberian Solar Protection Congress will take place during Veteco Solar. What are the objectives of this Congress? Has the programme been devised yet? What is the profile of participants in the event?

This has been a matter outstanding that should take advantage of a setting such as this one. There will be a lot of sector professionals in attendance, and I think that this will be a good time for talking about our concerns and setting objectives.

Of course we have already set an agenda. There will be a series of presentations and a round table debate to which everyone will be invited to contribute. It is important that everyone who attends is aware that they need to speak up. There is no point in just sitting there and saying nothing.

We want to gather everyone’s opinions so that we can put together an action plan to give the sector the support we are being asked for. We have the means and we need to focus on the requirements which will make the results as profitable as possible.

We believe that there will be two clearly different types of participants.

  • Consultants. Architects, technical draftsmen, decorators, engineers. All professionals with a role in the creation and design of the site (home, office, school, etc.).
  • Manufacturers and installers. It is precisely here were there are two differentiated groups who need to be brought closer together to achieve common objectives. Many manufacturers “develop” without considering the value of installation times and how difficult the products are to install. Many installers do not share their opinions or the modifications they need to make with manufacturers.

We want to form a bridge between them. And also the means to familiarise those in the first group (consultants) with the main technical and design characteristics of solar management and design products.

600450 Veteco Solar is the ideal place for communicating new trends in the Spanish solar protection market

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