Training at HORN begins with parents' information evening

Training at HORN begins with parents' information evening
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Date: 9 August 2022

Every year, HORN Glass Industries AG organizes a meeting of the new trainees from September of the respective year together with their parents.

At this information evening, parents and relatives can already get an impression of where their child will soon begin his or her professional training. This event is always attended with great interest and shows also this time that it is of great advantage also for the future apprentices if they get to know their soon to be workplace and the trainer already in advance. 

The international glass plant manufacturer now invited them to this informal meeting at the headquarters in Ploessberg. Many parents, for example, know what their children are learning. However, they rarely know what the company looks like in which their child will soon be learning or which products are manufactured there. This and other questions should be clarified on this joint summer evening and pave the way for a smooth start into their careers. 

The team from the technology company HORN therefore prepared extensively to provide the deepest possible insight into the company. First of all, CEO Stephan Meindl welcomed the visitors in the company's own canteen and introduced the glass plant manufacturer HORN.

Training at HORN begins with parents' information evening

HORN is an internationally active traditional company in the region. Industrial plants for melting sand and other raw materials into liquid glass are planned and manufactured here. The diversity of the highly technical plants, the demand for energy saving and the need for low-emission, environmentally friendly plants for the production of glass are what keep the proportion of skilled workers, technicians and engineers in HORN's workforce so high. To meet this demand, HORN offers training to many young people every year. Also from September on, the professions metal worker, electronic technician, draftsman, technical system planner in the field of supply engineering as well as business people for office management will be trained.

In the further course Sabine Götz, head of the human resources department, explained additional details to the training and the individual occupational fields. Here she also announced that despite the many and good applicants, still not all apprenticeship positions could be filled. One position as technical system planner for steel and metal construction technology and three positions for the apprenticeship metal worker - construction technology were still to be filled. 

Afterwards, the future employees received a gift bag "born for horn" consisting of a T-shirt, hoodie and many other useful articles. Afterwards, an image film was to explain the functioning of a 1600°C hot glass melting furnace by means of impressive animations, before it finally went to a company tour through the modern office complex and the huge manufacturing hall. Information about training and jobs followed in the course of the evening. 

The interpersonal aspects were not to be neglected and the evening continued with a relaxed get-together with snacks and drinks. This gave the future trainees and their trainers a chance to get to know each other better. In the end, it was a successful get-to-know-each-other evening for everyone involved. The trainees from September onwards now already know their trainers and the parents were able to get an idea of where their children will start their working lives. This laid the foundation for comprehensive and competent training at HORN. 

600450 Training at HORN begins with parents' information evening

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