Tilt&Turn hardware: design as an important customer benefit

Tilt&Turn hardware: design as an important customer benefit
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The components in contemporary windows and balcony doors that are easy to work with must ensure outstanding efficiency, a high level of living comfort and operating convenience and fulfil a range of security functions.

At the same time, however, according to Roto it is also essential to find the ideal response to the increasing demand for design-oriented products. It has been some time since windows were seen as simply one building element among may; rather, they have a significant influence on the atmosphere of indoor areas.

The new “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware generation (also) fulfils this criterion. With attractive hinge sides, this hardware makes it possible to produce windows that perfectly fit in with the aesthetic appearance of indoor spaces sought after by builders and renovators. Screws are concealed or hidden behind subtle cover caps.

A sophisticated powder coating impresses on visible surfaces. This is available in various colours and in “titanium” – a significant addition, since this greyscale shade is frequently used nowadays to produce especially elegant designs.

Besides the advantages in terms of external appearance, it is the special structural properties which have led to measurable customer satisfaction. As Roto explains, the high load bearing capacities of the “P 130 kg” (up to 130 kg in the standard version) and “P 150 kg” hinge sides are what make it possible to use large glazing elements. In this way, the light, bright architecture preferred by most architects and their clients can be individually implemented.

Demand for the comprehensive Tilt&Turn hardware system has been considerable since the market launch also or specifically because of its design-oriented features. An essential factor in this is also the elaborate design process, which is in-depth and thorough even for small components. “Integrated concepts, which take account of an attractive design in addition to efficiency, security and comfort, are therefore one step ahead, and rightly so,” concludes the manufacturer.

Roto NX Design
The manufacturer emphasises that the “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware is the ideal response to the increasing demand for design-oriented products. The large colour selection for cover caps and powder-coated surfaces also plays a part in this. For example, the shade “titanium” allows for elegant solutions. The increasingly sought-after aesthetic appearance of indoor spaces ensured by windows is also the result of structural advantages. For instance, it is possible to use large glazing elements to the benefit of a bright room architecture thanks to the high load bearing capacity of the hinge sides.
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