System providers and software manufacturer at A+W

System providers and software manufacturer at A+W
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Definition of standards for profile information.

Representatives of the "Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme" (GKFP) discussed the standardization of profile master data with leading software providers in the (building) components industry at A+W. This was the third meeting of its kind: good news for processors, as binding industry standards are urgently needed for handling extensive profile data and their integration into the respective user software.

The profile master data, which is then transferred to the window manufacturer's software in a standardized form, includes the dimensions, thickness, prices, and much more. This should make it possible for software users to transfer all profile systems into the software much faster without having to create the data manually.

Ralf Kurpjuhn, Director Business Development at the host A+W Cantor:

"We find it very positive that the various software manufacturers are working constructively together with system providers and the association on this exciting project without any reservations. 

Here you will find further information about the GKFP:

600450 System providers and software manufacturer at A+W

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