A superior balance of light transmission, solar control and thermal insulation

Viridian PerformaTech™ balances high levels of light transmission with very low levels of solar heat gain, low reflectivity and exceptional levels of thermal insulation.

The performance characteristics help significantly reduce both the heat and air conditioning levels of a building, in turn actively contributing to the provision of a perfectly balanced living and working environment.The high levels of performance associated with Viridian PerformaTech™, affords developers, architects, designers and engineers alike the opportunity to create economically viable, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable buildings.This in turn enables the increasingly stringent demands of regulatory requirements and prospective owners or tenants to be easily met. Available only as part of a Viridian ThermoTech™ insulating glass unit (IGU). Viridian PerformaTech™ is available in either heat strengthened or toughened form.

By combining Viridian PerformaTech™ with any one of the Viridian range of products within an IGU, a vast range of performance characteristics and aesthetic options can be achieved.

Features and benefits

  • Exceptional balance of high light transmission, low solar heat gain and low U Values.
  • Fully supported by the Viridian product warranty program. 
  • Locally stocked and manufactured for short lead times
  • Broad range of product combinations. 
  • Available only as part of a Viridian ThermoTech™ insulating glass unit (IGU) for maximum performance. 
  • Available in heat strengthened or toughened form


Glass selectivity is an index that reports the relationship between light transmission and solar heat gain, it is measured as an index (S = VLT/SHGC) with a high selectivity more preferable in modern building design.

Solar heat entering a building can be limited without reducing light levels by using a high-performance coated glass; this restricts UV and infrared radiation from passing through but importantly provides exceptional levels of natural daylight whilst also retaining as neutral and natural appearance as possible. Viridian’s glass possessing the highest selectivity is our PerformaTech™ range.

High selective glasses, generally above 1.8 offer exceptional performance which provides some of the best energy savings through the lowest conductance (U-Values) and best solar control (SHGC), high visible light transmission assists in the requirement for less artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Examples of Selectivity of Viridian glass;

Viridian ThermoTech™ SuperGrey Selectivity 0.38

Viridian ThermoTech™ Clear Selectivity 1.09

Viridian PerformaTech™ Silver 236 Selectivity 2.36


  • For commercial buildings with large expanses of glazing that require the highest performance in environmental control for energy savings, yet retain transparency
  • Offices
  • Curtain wall and large glazed facades
  • Commercial buildings and curtain walls
  • High rise apartments

Maximum size

  • Nominally 3000 x 2000mm

How to specify

  • Select glass name

PerformaTech Clear 206

PerformaTech Silver 196

PerformaTech Silver 236

  • Select thickness – process

6+12+6 IGU

  • Select colour

Refer to performance comparison chart

* When the Viridian PerformaTech is the outside glass the coating is to surface 2, when it is the inside glass the coating is to surface 3.

IGU Gap = 12mm and is Argon filled.

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