Studio Libeskind confirmed to be an opening speaker in GPD 2019

Studio Libeskind confirmed to be an opening speaker in GPD 2019
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© TMRW / Studio Libeskind

Date: 26 March 2019

Stefan Blach, who is a Partner in Studio Libeskind, will be the opening speaker at GPD 2019.

Mr. Blach is currently well-known in Finland and especially in Tampere as he is the Partner-in-Charge of the new landmark project, Central Deck and Arena in Tampere, Finland.

The urban scale development is located on top of existing railway tracks in the heart of the city. The mixed-use program includes a multi-purpose ice hockey arena with Hotel, five residential towers with podium, including retail and offices. The estimated costs of the project are €500 million.

Mr. Blach has 30 years of experience in coordinating design teams and consultants for a wide range of cultural, residential and commercial developments like the Grand Canal Theatre project in Dublin, the Kö-Bogen retail and office complex in Düsseldorf and museums in Dresden and China.

Learn more about Studio Libeskind from their website.

Studio Libeskind confirmed to be an opening speaker in GPD 2019
© TMRW / Studio Libeskind

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Note hotels during GPD -  Hotel space is very limited due to the Tampere EURO2020 football games. Reserve early - you can modify your reservation latter.

GPD 2019 breaks records with 242 presentations together with conference and workshops 

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