Solar Control Glass- Green Building Glass - SGG EVO

Advanced solar control glass for Single Glazing ApplicationSGG Evo is a solar control glass that is energy efficient and has thermal insulation properties in a single glazing application.

This is GREEN BUILDING GLASS ideal choice for Leed rating/ECBC compliance.

SGG Evo is manufactured by deposition of specialized metallic nitrides by magnetically enhanced nano technology based cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions onto clear or body-tinted glass.

SGG Evo is designed to be in conformance with the requirements of green buildings and ECBC (BEE) regulations. It is the ideal choice for buildings that are going in for the LEED/IGBC rating and TERI-GRIHA rating.



• Low internal reflection

• High light transmission

• Low solar factor

• Excellent U-Value


• High performance in single glazing

• Available in lighter shades and hues

• High level of energy-efficiency

• Helps maintain clear vision both during day & night



• SGG Evo Clear Cosmos (ET 125)

• SGG Evo Green Aura (ET 425)

• SGG Evo Orion Blue (ET 725)



• Available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm*

• In neutral shades of 10mm and 12mm


• Structural glazing, facade glazing, bolted systems, curtain walling and fenestration applications.

• Single glazing, insulated glazing units, double glazed units, laminated, heat treated and bent glazing units.

* available on special request

600450 Solar Control Glass- Green Building Glass - SGG EVO
Date: 9 May 2012

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