SCREENSCAN systems: revolutionary step in automated production of safe car glass

When determining the quality criteria of car glass, aesthetics and safety are the two factors always tied together.

Because scratches and imperfections on the front shield may cause distortions and light scattering that distract the driver, the industry applies the highest quality standards to automotive glass.  The surface, borders and corners of the wind shield must all be in perfect condition before its assembly.ISRA VISION’s patented SCREENSCAN line of multi-dimensional optical inspection systems helps automotive glass manufacturers attain the highest possible level of product quality while targeting potentials for optimization.

The SCREENSCAN technology – a result of ISRA’s pursuit of providing continuous innovations – features an optimized modular concept which performs a triple check on each sample. Within the blink of an eye, the system can detect any potential optical distortion, scratches or absorbing defects in glass or silk-print. Customers can be sure that only the pieces meeting highest quality standards will be shipped to purchasers. The resulting potential savings can be as high as in the six-digit range each year.  For years, manufacturers had to rely on the subjective judgment of the human eye in the off-line measurement of reflected distortion for car glass. Now for the first time, ISRA makes it possible to achieve reliable, quantifiable and repeatable objective measurement results in 3D. SCREENSCAN-Reflected Distortion enables fast and precise in-line data acquisition well within typical cycle times.

FORMSCAN is a fully automated system for 100% in-line 3D gauging on bent glass sheets. It is designed to guarantee that every shipped wind shield will fully meet the requirements specified by the purchaser. Due to its outstanding technology, FORMSCAN is able to deliver accurate and dependable measurement results of the overall form down to 0.2 millimeters. The system’s complete lack of wear parts automatically reduces maintenance costs and translates into a long lifetime. Only six months after installing FORMSCAN, the savings can add up to six-digit sums.

Defect-free automotive glass has never been safer – and it has never been more profit-yielding to optimize the production lines behind it. ISRA’s SCREENSCAN is the key to efficient product lines with a consistent high quality output. Blemished parts can be ejected on the spot, ruling out later customer complaints and diminishing overall costs. This puts manufacturers in the position to deliver higher margins.

From a return of investment point of view, the decision for ISRA SCREENSCAN is reasonable: The systems have usually earned back their purchase price within the first six months.

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600450 SCREENSCAN systems: revolutionary step in automated production of safe car glass
Date: 5 December 2013

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