Roto: Hardware system with complete comfort

Roto: Hardware system with complete comfort
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Date: 19 September 2019

In addition to “PS Air”, the “KS” version of the “Roto Patio Alversa” universal hardware for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems now also features an additional locking function in the sliding scissor stay.

This takes the form of an additional element. Balcony doors with a glass centre of mass that is disadvantageously positioned on the outer side of the leaf are therefore prevented from slamming shut by themselves, even in windy or draughty conditions. According to the manufacturer, this reduces complaints, is instrumental in promoting a greater sense of safety and improves the comfort in living areas on the whole.

Roto: Hardware system with complete comfortGood news from Roto for window and door manufacturers: the high-performance functional package comprising the “Patio Alversa” universal hardware and associated components has been expanded with the addition of new technical features designed to further increase user comfort while playing a role in improving well-being. According to the manufacturer, the product range for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide windows is now even better placed to meet the requirements of builders.

The numerous components which represent convincing arguments in favour of using the four variants “KS”, “PS”, “PS Air” and “PS Air Com” ensure transparent buildings and well-lit interiors. The reasons range from the possibility of achieving large glass weights and improved safety thanks to a new roller unit technology, right up to outstanding ease of use. A detailed overview attests to this and also considerably simplifies consultation and Sales.


Modern facade Architecture

“Patio Alversa” components make large window designs with a width of up to 1650 mm and height of up to 2700 mm possible (based on the sash rebate in each case). Furthermore, with the load bearing capacity of up to 200 kg per sliding sash, there will be virtually no limits for planning engineers as they design the building. This includes consideration of the increasingly important measures for effective thermal insulation.


Ventilation according to personal preference

In addition to air exchange via the sliding position, the hardware system also offers the option of choosing between tilt ventilation or night ventilation. With these alternatives, home and flat owners can safely leave their windows unattended while they supply the required fresh air.


Harmonious window view in living areas

As the window and door technology specialist goes on to explain, the hardware concept includes universal handles. In addition to all common colours, lockable versions and handle sets are also available. This creates a harmonious window view in living areas, while meeting a criterion that is often a key factor in purchase decisions. The 200 mm long handle lever also meets the specifications of customers with a keen eye for design. It impresses, for example, with its pleasant feel and is also a visual highlight especially when used in large window formats.


Safer operation

From a manufacturing point of view, extremely economical Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide hardware has earned itself the title of “safe” thanks to technical improvements. This includes a new ball-mounted roller unit in all versions. This ensures quiet, smooth operation and reduced wear. What’s more, it is also protected against jemmying in its factory configuration.

For builders, this innovative roller unit technology means safe window guidance first and foremost. The integrated anti-jemmy protection stops the sliding element from jumping out of the track, even if any minor mistakes are made during installation. If, however, a roller unit has to be readjusted by a professional at a later stage, the clever height adjustment mechanism, whose thread cannot be overtightened or unscrewed, ensures that it will continue to function without any issues.


Improved comfort in living areas

The sliding scissor stay is another technical advantage. A new locking function now also available in the “KS” version prevents balcony doors with a glass centre of mass that is disadvantageously positioned on the outer side of the leaf from slamming shut by themselves. This securing function is effective even in windy or draughty conditions. This optional “additional lock-in position” therefore puts a stop to virtually all complaints. It also promotes a greater sense of safety and improves the comfort in living areas on the whole.


High level of operating convenience thanks to tilt assistance

Last but not least, with the completion of “Patio Alversa”, Roto boasts additional spring-mounted tilt support for the “PS Air Com” version. The positive effect is particularly apparent in windows with sashes that weigh over 140 kg and also have an unfavourable centre of mass. Installation in the sliding scissor stay reduces the torque at the handle when tilting using the hardware, so that even heavy sashes can be conveniently opened with very little force – “a factor that protects the component and therefore increases durability entirely in the interest of the investor.”

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