Roto: comprehensive door technology expertise

Roto: comprehensive door technology expertise
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Date: 2 October 2019

Roto sees itself as a single-source supplier for door technology. This status strengthens the company’s position as a competitor while dramatically increasing the benefits for customers.

The key to this lies in the comprehensive expertise that goes into precisely coordinating all the necessary system components. This applies to the entire “Door” hardware product range with the three lines of multipoint lockings, main door hinges and thresholds.

As the manufacturer states, these are complemented by additional products such as gaskets, lever handles and cylinders. In brief portraits, the manufacturer describes key features of the door technology repertoire.


“Roto Safe”: multipoint lockings with 10-year performance warranty

The product range comprises a wide variety of mechanical, mechanical-automatic and fully automatic multipoint lockings for main doors, back doors, escape doors and panic doors. The specific frame material can be freely selected. The lasting high quality is evident, for instance, in the continuous operation characteristic that has been proven over more than 100,000 actuations and the corrosion-resistant “Roto Sil” surface. “Safe” multipoint lockings therefore have a 10-year performance warranty.


“Roto Solid”: certified door hinge variety

With screw-on hinges, butt hinges and concealed hinges, the extensive product range offers solutions in various different performance categories and design lines. The universal range also provides inspiration for unique designs thanks to the variety of powder-coated or anodised surfaces. In addition, large adjustment distances enable the custom adaptations on the hinge side that need to be made in practical applications.

The “Solid” products are CE-certified in accordance with DIN EN 1935 in various different weight classes depending on the specific application. This is confirmation of their load-bearing capacity and their continuous operation, which has proven to be faultless over 200,000 opening cycles. The manufacturer reports that many hinge ranges have also successfully obtained SKG** certification.


“Roto Eifel”: accessible thresholds

The range is made of up thermally broken thresholds for an “optimal” transition to outdoor areas. With a height of 20 mm, they are designed for accessibility in accordance with DIN 18040. According to Roto, various accessories such as weather profile strips, automatic floor door gaskets, cover bridges and wind stops round off the bespoke range of thresholds.

The interaction between all components leads to improved isothermal efficiency, therefore providing greater thermal insulation. The “Eifel” thresholds are installed either with threshold retainers tailored specifically to the profile or without retainers by means of contour milling.

The “Door” product range policy usually has to take country-specific criteria into consideration. Developments across different countries can, however, also be identified. These include the growing popularity of large and heavy entrance doors, the high security requirements of users, the topic of energy efficiency, which is once again taking centre stage, and the increasing desire for convenience and comfort. The producer also gives some examples of intelligent hardware solutions here.


Security: effective resistance at locking and hinge sides

Studies show that main doors are the second most common entry point for burglars, after windows and balcony doors. Entire structures that fulfil the requirements of Resistance Class (RC) 2 in accordance with DIN EN 1627 ff. therefore provide lasting protection.

As Roto emphasises, mechanical three-point lockings with bolts, power wedges or combination lockings play a critical role in this on the locking side. As an alternative, the electromechanical lock combines the security of automatic locking with the convenience of motor-powered unlocking.

On the hinge side, compatible hardware technology enhances the burglar inhibiting effect. Accessories such as axis pin locking devices and locking pins for screw fixings make it more difficult for unauthorised individuals to dismantle the hinges. Installing these components offers decisive advantages for outward opening doors in particular.


Energy efficiency: effective trio

Main doors are among the least energy-efficient points of the building envelope: besides their role as an entry and exit for the occupants, in the worst-case scenario they also enable unwanted draughts, cold and noise to enter. Thermally broken thresholds, multipoint lockings with appropriate gasket compression and a door hinge additionally positioned on the hinge side minimise the resulting energy losses. The result is triple the energy efficiency.


Design: hinges as a visual highlight

Main doors are the first impression of a home and should therefore have an eye-catching appearance. This is why builders are paying ever more attention to aesthetics. The “Roto Solid C” concealed hinge caters to this trend. It turns aluminium doors into a particularly striking design feature and also ensures that even heavy doors can be moved simply and easily. The popularity of butt hinges is also growing.

Thanks to their slimline design, “Solid B” hinges seamlessly blend into the door’s appearance and prove to be a valuable design solution on the whole with the stainless steel finish that is matched to the door lever handles. A wide range of colours is also what sets the “Solid S” screw-on hinges apart, which are suitable for extremely heavy doors with leaf weights up to 160 kg. “Safe” multipoint lockings cater to the trend for large, heavy main doors while also making it possible to produce main doors with a height of up to three metres.


Comfort: examples from practice

The demand for user-friendly entrance doors that increase living comfort is also growing continuously. Roto offers secure and convenient solutions for this, including in the form of the “Safe E” multipoint lockings. The electric-automatic system ensures that doors are closed securely while enabling convenient opening when used together with various access control components such as hand-held transmitter, finger scan and Phone & Code. Another important aspect is the design of an accessible transition or passageway suitable for long-term use. The “Eifel” range of thresholds includes the corresponding components.

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