R. O. : Perfect Cut version 5

Date: 30 October 2001
Source: R. O.
R. O. manufacturer of optimization software for linear and shaped glass cutting presents a new version of glass cutting optimizer “Perfect Cut”.

The new version 5 has the following features:
- Totally new graphics
- Multi Project Management Windows
- Parallelism (it is possible to elaborate one project while inputting data in another project and printing, yet another).
- Data input made easier, using the drag and drop technique (families of material, sheets, pieces) between windows (Project, Stock, Layout).
- Selection of layout to be sent forward, with the option of deleting the last layout (usually incomplete), adding pieces to be cut, selecting the elaboration mode ‘for completion’, which does not delete the existing layouts, but adds them, taking into account only the pieces still to be cut.
- Option of inserting compound glass (double glazed, layered, etc.) without limits on the number of components, which may be uneven or have differing grinding characteristics.
- Numerical control machines associated with the family; for projects with components in various materials (e.g. double glazing F4/12/STRAT), it is sufficient to select ‘numerical control’, to create different files (one for the machine on which the float is cut and the other for the layer machine).
- Integral Graphic Editor, with new features too: movement of all the pieces in one transversal, multiple selection for deleting pieces in one layout, and others.
- Special cuts (holes and squaring) can be included in the piece without creating shapes.
- Insertion of shapes in DXF format, as well as standard.
- ‘Methods’ to be applied to the shape in order to change its characteristics (offset for grinding, edging, trimming, mirror imaging for layered glass), without the need to create different shape files.
- Differentiated management of cost for sheets being worked.
- Simplified insertion for grinding: if the glass is ground the value is automatically taken from a table of material thickness; selection of edges to be ground using icons.
- Label printing, totally revised, professional, with the feature of defining different ‘models’, each with a grid on which to apply the fields and font options enabled on each of these fields.

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Date: 30 October 2001
Source: R. O.

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