Patented and in great demand: No-contact inline 3D measurement of reflected distortion using SCREENSCAN-RD

Surface quality of automotive glass can now be objectively assessed in reflection optics for the first time ever - Surveys that review the behavior of people buying a vehicle always come to the same conclusion: Emotions are at least just as important in the purchasing decision as are rational considerations.  This means that the exterior appearance of a vehicle is considered one of the most important criteria in the decision making process.

The aesthetic look and feel of windshields plays a major role. With SCREENSCAN-RD (Reflected Distortion) offered by ISRA VISION, it is now possible for the first time ever to objectively assess the quantifiable quality of curved automotive glass even in reflection optics. As such, the innovative system makes it possible to do away with manual inspection processes, which in view of the ever growing complexity of the various glass forms can no longer efficiently satisfy the demands of industry today. With its leading-edge functions, based on patented no-contact measuring processes, SCREENSCAN-RD guarantees the production of highly attractive automotive windshields with absolutely no flaws, thus activating the potential for enormous savings.

Possible for the first time ever – objective and quantifiable assessment of the aesthetic characteristics of automotive glass, even inline:

SCREENSCAN-RD (Reflected Distortion)

SCREENSCAN-RD allows a reliable, fully automated 3D measurement of reflective free-form surfaces directly in the production line or in the quality laboratory. It can be used to evaluate the reflective optics of windshields, rear windows and side window panes. Processes specifically developed by ISRA and based on patented stereo deflectometry, serve as the technological basis and allow a measuring accuracy into the milli-dioptric range. Because they define the local inclination instead of the surface height, the most precise calculation of the glass curvature is possible up to the milli-dioptric range and irrespective of the angle of vision – and this within the most common cycle times. This data can be used to satisfy the ever increasing demands that are required of a multi-functional windshield: Cameraassist ranges and head-up display require a consistent and reliable level of quality. Moreover, in order for a windshield wiper to work efficiently, a surface with no curves whatsoever is necessary; this can only be achieved with continuous inspection and process optimization.

Minimize costs. Optimize the process. Non-contact evaluation of distortions in the reflection optics with SCREENSCAN-RD (Reflected Distortion)

For best aesthetics: detect and assess optical distortions in reflection optics securely and independent from the viewing angle.

Inspection data is key to process optimization

ISRA equips SCREENSCAN-RD with intelligent tools, which offer much more than just inspection. It starts with a target-actual comparative feature against CAD data, and is followed by an evaluation option to compare freely definable critical values and individually define regions that are particularly interesting. Even a simulation using known grid processes is defined in the software. Tools for data analysis round off the full range of additional functions: The system continuously records quality data, which is visualized and compiled in log files. Manufacturers are given a wealth of valuable information which they can use for process optimization. Now they finally also have the opportunity to prove the quality of their products to their end customers. Leading automotive glass manufacturers around the world place their trust in this revolutionary principle.

Reflected distortion measured fast, securely and objectively: Visualization of results for quickest evaluation.


SCREENSCAN-RD is the unique solution that offers an objective and quantifiable assessment of the aesthetic characteristics of automotive glass. Its contact-free optical 3D inline measuring process guarantees glass manufacturers a high level of productivity and a verified, consistently high quality. This equates to significant production cost savings. With SCREENSCAN-RD, the risk of delivering automotive windows with any aesthetically disturbing distortions that would adversely impact the multi-functional capabilities of the windshield is almost entirely eliminated.

600450 Patented and in great demand: No-contact inline 3D measurement of reflected distortion using SCREENSCAN-RD
Date: 30 October 2014

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