New technology concept from Tamglass attracts wide interest

Tamglass new technology concept ProConvection, which was launched at Vitrum, has attracted wide interest. The company has already received several orders for the new flat tempering furnace, designed especially for tempering coated glass.

The orders have been received from America and Europe. Installation, with tailored specifications, will take place in the middle of this year.

The positive interest shows that the new technology concept ProConvection(TM) has been needed for some time to solve the processing challenges posed by new coated glass products on traditional tempering machines. The ability to provide 40% more capacity is an answer to the loss of capacity and the significant amount of rejects encountered by glass processors using traditional equipment, says Mr. Mauri Leponen, Director of Architecture Glass Technology from Tamglass Ltd. Oy.

The glass processors ordering ProConvection's are companies which are targeting the window and architectural glass market, including large glass sizes with LOW-E, which they have not been able to produce previously with traditional convection technology. The high capacity and revolutionary new profile convection concept has been the main reason for the new investment.

Tamglass Ltd. Oy has created the innovative solution through fully controlled convection heating, where the blowing of hot air is directed and profiled from both sides of the glass surface in order to guarantee even heating. To maximize the reliability of the furnace convection sources, there are no moving parts inside the hot environment. The ClearAirCon"õ filtering system guarantees that the air used in the blowing process is 99.9% clean, which is the most ideal heating environment for glass.

Tamglass, which is part of the Kyro Group, a listed company on the Helsinki Exchanges, designs and manufactures safety glass lines and machines for the architectural, automotive, furniture and domestic appliance glass industries. Tamglass has a total of 16 operating units in a number of European and Asian countries and in the Americas. The company has delivered over 1,400 production lines to over 70 countries. The Tamglass GroupĄŚs Tamglass Safety Glass Ltd. produces demanding, high value-added safety glass products using the latest Tamglass technology and is an important part of TamglassĄŚ glass processing expertise and R&D.

600450 New technology concept from Tamglass attracts wide interest

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