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National certification schemes for automotive glass
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Date: 11 March 2021

The European automotive glass industry is concerned by the increasing number of national certification schemes for automotive glass put in place worldwide.

Glass for Europe calls on the national authorities to continue cooperating in the United Nations framework and reconsider the introduction of unilateral national schemes and trade barriers.

The safety of glass pieces mounted in vehicles is consistently ensured by the uniform provisions of the United Nations Regulations GTR6 and R43. Over the last years, the automotive glass industry witnessed the introduction of new national certification schemes and marking in countries where ECE R43 tests and marking were considered sufficient to import automotive glass.

For their vast majority, these national schemes are only mirroring R43 and do not substantially differ from the tests already performed to comply with the UN Regulation. However, their impact on the production costs and trade is substantial.

To know more read Testing automotive glass safety: R43 and GTR6

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