MGFT: Glass forming, tempering and modeling

The 2nd International Colloquium on Modelling MGFT2002 on Numerical modelling, Glass Validation and Control, Forming and Identification of properties, Tempering Integration in glass processing. will take place in Valenciennes-France on January 2002, 23 to 25.

The main scope of the colloquium is to survey the art in the development of scientific modeling of glass forming and tempering processes, even in hollow and flat glass production.Particular emphasis is given to the latest in numerical techniques, their validation and application in industrial practices, the control during forming and tempering, the identification of glass and material properties.

The main topics will be :
* Mathematical modeling of glass forming and tempering.
* Thermal exchanges for glass : conduction, convection, radiation.
* Numerical techniques.
* Identification of glass and material properties.
* Integration for control and optimization of industrial practices.
* Experimental control of processes : temperature, glass flow, residual stresses.
* Benchmarks and industrial cases.

38 papers (8 invited papers coming from eminent expert of the research and industrial glass world) will be presented during the 3 days of the colloquium.

On 22 will occur also the 4th meeting of The Technical Committee 25 " Modeling of Glass Forming " of the International Commission of Glass. All participants of MGFT2002 can participate to the discussions of this TC25.

600450 MGFT: Glass forming, tempering and modeling

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