LandGlass Tempering Furnace is Popular in India

From December 14 to 16, international marketing team of LandGlass participated in ZAK Glass Technology Expo in New Delhi, India.

As with the previous, three major product categories are displayed in the expo: glass, doors & windows and aluminum products.

During the three days of this expo, LandGlass received plenty of Indian clients and several users of LandGlass tempering furnaces. Based on conversations with them, we get knowledge about the vibrant vitality of Indian glass industry as well as the trust and support of the users to LandGlass. Two clients of LandGlass, SURBHI GLASS, engaged on architectural safety glass, and B.S.J GLASS, engaged on production of automobile safety glass, spoke highly of LandGlass when they stayed at LandGlass booth. They passionately described their experiences of using LandGlass furnaces to other clients and strongly recommend them to buy from LandGlass.

Although India is a developing country at present, with the popularization of Low-e glass and the growing demands of high-quality glass, brand influence of LandGlass in Indian market has been further improved and LandGlass has become a high-end brand, especially after several forced convection glass tempering furnaces sold to India are put into operation. During the expo, clients who extend their intention to buy LandGlass tempering furnaces are more than last year!

600450 LandGlass Tempering Furnace is Popular in India

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