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INWALL anti-seismic glass walls
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Anti-seismic glass walls: tests at the University of Naples show that INWALL is safe even during an earthquake.

INWALL is the revolutionary collection of anti-seismic glass walls designed and manufactured by VetroIN, a leading company throughout Europe and beyond. Over the last few years, it has invested resources and money for the study and creation of a furniture capable of withstanding the earth's oscillations due to an earthquake, thus proposing itself as a SAFE structure capable of safeguarding people's lives.

Countless tests have been done on INWALL, the most important one is certainly that at the University Federico II of Naples, on the vibrating platform, which has verified that these anti-seismic glass walls would have even withstood the shock of Amatrice that devastated central Italy in 2016. The test response was absolutely positive, certifying these glass walls as SAFE in the event of an earthquake.

In this regard, much is due to two elements of these anti-seismic glass walls, patent pending: the compensator and the leveler. These two accessories work together to allow the adjustment, cushioning and structural setting of both the building and the seismic stresses.

Who can be called safe today? Which place can be considered absolutely risk-free? Nobody. Wherever the structures should be adequate, with particular attention and speed in the areas most at risk, considered to be highly seismic.

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