Innovation as a competitive strategy

Date: 1 July 2015
Source: Oribay
The Spanish company Oribay, which specialises in the manufacturing of parts which are attached to windscreens, has invested more than €3 million this year (2015) in five new plants where innovation and adaptation are becoming its principal objective.

Being aware that the automotive sector of the market is always changing, and new tendencies are constantly appearing, personalisation has become the competitive advantage which has enabled the company to adapt quickly to the demands of different markets.The creation of these 5 new plants has meant that 40 new jobs have been filled in the Basque Country and abroad.This investment is a reinforcement which will speed up production and the manufacturing processes, and will enable greater adaptability to the needs of our clients.

The Projects are centered on the creation of

1. A new adhesive plant

The initiative of this new plant is to mass produce adhesives where the needs of every client are taken into account, being able to adapt the components according to the client's needs. Our experience in the automotive sector has allowed this business to react quickly and compliantly to our clients. The main feature of this plant is the development of adhesives without a minimum quantity, producing them as the client desires.

2. Sintering plant

In this new plant we will be able to produce very complex parts with the possibility of manufacturing them in different materials such as carbon or any type of steel. Oribay will be able to control each stage of the manufacturing of the product assuring quality, along with being able to provide competitive prices and production in record time.

3. Plastic Injection Plant

Tendencies change, and the automotive sector is no different. Materials and treatments change, Oribay has experienced this in its more than 30 years in the sector. Clients ask for materials which are increasingly lighter, in more complex shapes. The ability to be able to answer their needs is essential for a business of this magnitude. To be able supply a large range of products and reduce production time is fundamental if you wish to be competitive.

4. Coating Application Plant.

The manufacturing of parts means that we have to be able to provide different alternatives, give our clients different options, we need to stand out. Oribay can provide different types of coating, such as epoxide. This allows us to apply a better finish to the parts. In this way the process can be applied to both metal and plastic parts.

5. Investment in Laboratories

Providing parts, adhesives, coatings, application tape, etc. implies a team which is capable of standing up to any test. Because of this, part of the investment is set aside for the purchase of material to help the chemical and technical team. Along with guaranteeing a better quality of the part and being able to help/guide our clients in the choice of their product, this team has the experience to follow OEM approvals and the specific technical characteristics of the market.

These investments enable Oribay to confront to the current situation, where it has become necessary to join forces to compete in the international market.

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600450 Innovation as a competitive strategy
Date: 1 July 2015
Source: Oribay

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