"Huiyan 1000", a New Legend in Glass Industry

According to the news unveiled recently, "Huiyan 1000", the first on-site testing Instrument for energy-saving glass have come to the world, which will make its debut at China Glass 2014.

It is said that the instrument named "Huiyan 1000" is the first portable on-site comprehensive testing system for energy-saving glass in the world."Huiyan 1000" can easily measure the visible spectral transmittance and reflectance of the glass as well as the visible light transmittance,shading coefficient, heat transfer coefficient and so on. What is more amazing is that "Huiyan 1000" can distinguish the true Low-E glass from falseness in a short time. Besides, it can identify whether the glass is the single silver Low-E glass or the double silver Low-E Glass or Triple Silver Low-E Glass with accuracy and generate a complete test report at the same time. Last but not the least, "Huiyan 1000" can provide a secure and wireless way to transfer data and easy access to the internet.

Without doubt, the advent of the new instrument "Huiyan 1000" will set a new benchmark for the energy-saving glass testing. It is firmly believed that the instrument will be a new legend in Glass Industry. LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. , as a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of glass tempering furnaces, believes that with the help of "Huiyan 1000" the glass tempering furnaces designed by LandGlass will serve the customers better. "Huiyan 1000" can be used before and after the Low-E Glass tempering process to help the customers find out whether the silver layers are damaged or not and hence the customers can be clear about the working performance of the furnaces, which is a very good way that can be used in quality control. LandGlass thinks that the advent of "Huiyan 1000" will open a new chapter in glass industry undoubtedly.

600450 "Huiyan 1000", a New Legend in Glass Industry glassonweb.com
Date: 10 April 2014
Source: www.landglass.co

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