Glass Industry Make its Effort to Environmental Protection

Today the quality of our natural environment has become an important issue. The world population is rising and industry develop so quickly.

Humans are using up natural resources and at the same time polluting environment with danger.  

The world’s environment and climate has been severely impacted by modern industry. Glass industry is a high energy-cost industry. It’s time for the glass industry to make some efforts in environmental protection. More and More Eco-friendly glass, such as Low-E glass, vacuum insulated glass, is need. And advanced energy saving glass machine are also attracted in the market.

These years, many glass machine manufacturers are developing energy saving machine and Eco-friendly glass producing machine. LandGlass always focuses on developing energy saving tempering furnace. Among which the forced convection continuous glass tempering furnace, which adopts forced convection heating technology, can temper glass with high quality and save energy. It the best choice for tempered glass manufacturers.

600450 Glass Industry Make its Effort to Environmental Protection

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