Glass for Europe joins the European Solar PV Industry Alliance

Glass for Europe joins the European Solar PV Industry Alliance
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Date: 20 February 2023

Glass for Europe is officially a member of the European Solar PV Industry Alliance, an initiative launched in December 2022 by the European Commission.

The Alliance gathers key players in the value chain of the solar energy industry and aims at scaling up the production of solar PV panels and value chain components in Europe.

Glass is an essential component of solar panels and Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and it represents between 65% and 95% of solar energy modules weight. Glass for Europe represents almost 90% of flat glass production in the EU and its members can play a key role in re-building a European solar industry in the EU.

The main goal of the European Solar PV Industry Alliance is to mobilise finance for European solar PV projects to increase the manufacturing capacity. Four working group have been created so far to start the activities for 2023:

  • Working group “Non-pricing conditions”: to leverage the demand for solar panels.
  • Working group “Value chain: to ensure that the EU is capable of achieving a 30GW production along the value chain.
  • Working group “Financing: to fill OPEX and CAPEX gaps across the value chain and provide proposals for financing support and mechanism.
  • Working group “Skills: to fill the skills gap at all levels.
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