FPS-50M3B produced by Schiatti Angelo Srl

Date: 20 September 2006
Source: Schiatti Angelo S.r.l.
The FPS-50M3 is the largest capacity straight line vertical edger produced by SCHIATTI ANGELO Srl. This model which completes the FPS-50 series was designed to increase the performance of the older model FPS-50M2.

The FPS-50M3 with 14 spindles can produce three different edges(flat,arris,miter) in a single pass.This machine can accept glass thickness from 3 mm (1/8") to 50 mm (2") and a minimum glass size of 150 mm X 150 mm (6" X 6") to a maximum weight of 1,800 kilos (3,960 lb.). The mitering system incorporated can perform a variable angle of 0 to 45 degrees. All edges produced have that brilliant polished achieved through cerium oxide polish.

Some options offered for this model are:
- 1 meter height extension
- 1 meter inlet/outlet extension
- Jumbo frame
- Dubbing device
- The main conveyor, which is very accurate and durable, runs on ball bearings and is adjusted to the various glass thicknesses by means of the electronic card.
- The glass is conveyed into the machine by a conveyor employing a polyurethane timing belt with a woven, stainless steel core.
- It gives also the possibility of stopping the inlet conveyor to load big glass-sheets, while the rest of the machine keeps working.
- A device at the machine’s entrance enables the amount of glass removal to be increased up to a maximum of 4mm, without changing the diamond wheel settings.
- The conveyor speed, controlled by a gearmotor, varies in the range 0.5 to 4.5 m/min.
- The machine uses separate water tanks, with recirculating pumps, to establish a closed water system.
- The tank for the felt polishing section features an automatic pump and agitator for continuously mixing the water and cerium oxide.
- Most of the operations are controlled by a PLC, "Nexus" version. The Nexus handles the control of the automatic movement of the polishing spindles, adjustment of the glass conveyor track -opening/closing, automatic axis movement, consequential starting of the motors, graphic display of the axis movement and working parameter plus troubleshooting. The PLC Nexus is composed of a keyboard and graphic display LCD 240 X 128 pixel. This electronic equipment allows the operator to set and keep the machine under perfect control. Any operator through the PLC can program the input values and display the graphics of the product being produced. Schiatti's highly qualified engineers primary objective was to create a program simplifying most of the machine's settings.

After a year since it's official introduction to the market, the PLC Nexus has been widely successful in our mitering machines - model SME series, FPS-50 series, BS bevelers as well as some of our double edgers. Similar electronic PLC equipment are going to be installed on all straight line vertical edgers manufactured by Schiatti.

Visit Schiatti Angelo S.r.l. at Glasstec hall 16 / D21.

600450 FPS-50M3B produced by Schiatti Angelo Srl glassonweb.com
Date: 20 September 2006
Source: Schiatti Angelo S.r.l.

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