Cantifix to launch MAGNAGLAS (TM) on 23rd May 2013

"When I saw this large sheet of glass floating three foot above the ground I couldn’t believe my eyes, then I started to think of the amazing possibilities for this product and the positive effect it will have on human endeavour" Professor Sharme- Department of Particle Physics, University of Liverpool.      After 5 years of intensive development an innovative product that will change how we view engineering will be launched at the IManE 2013 International Conference in Iaşi, ROMÂNIA.

This venue has been chosen for the high level of protection promised to maintain the secrecy of the product and the method of dynamic separation that proved to be the greatest project challenge.

MAGNAGLAS (TM) was created during the experimentation into various metamaterials by Dr Smolyaninov at the University of Maryland. He discovered that due to their ferromagnetic nature, nanoparticles of cobalt suspended in kerosene arranged themselves into thin columns when a magnetic field was applied.

Once he could calculate the amount of cobalt needed to establish stable nanocolumns he was able to combine it with crystal silicone and phosphorous to produce "pseudo-hydrogen". The unused electron in the mixture is held less tightly by the extra proton and consequently takes less magnetism to make a change in the "pseudo hydrogen's" spectrum.

In simple language this means that when a coating of the "pseudo-hydrogen" is applied to a substrate it becomes highly magnetic. Because it can be applied on a nano level (billionth of a metre) it is invisible to the human eye and this is when the possibilities of using it in glass production became a reality.


When the first sheet of MAGNAGLAS (TM) came out of the oven there was an issue with the level of transparency; however a previously unexpected outcome was the weight of the glass in comparison to standard glass (2.5kg per mm per m2).

Due to the high level of "pseudo hydrogen" the MAGNAGLAS (TM) was 43% lighter than standard glass and when a block of the new product was tested in a flume it actually floated. This creates further opportunities that have yet to be explored, but may provide an answer for the expanding world population and the shrinking land mass available.

MAGNAGLAS (TM) has undergone a full construction safety testing procedure and can be both toughened and laminated without losing any of the unique properties. This testing has taken place in secret locations with the view to restricting the availability of the product in order to maintain a high unit price.

Cantifix were asked to become involved during the testing stage because of their knowledge of glass and expertise in the construction of glazed structures. Having been granted sole rights to the worldwide use and distribution of MAGNAGLAS (TM) we have decided that it is too important a product to restrict and will make it available to everyone at a very competitive price.

Over the last 2 years we have built a fully glazed house  the MAGNAHOME (TM); with roof glass spanning 5.2 metres in both directions floating 275mm above a steel cross member (120mm x 60mm) with a total magnetised area of only 650mm2. The four vertical faces are 3.9m high x 5.2m wide with a central column (60mm x 60mm) set back 450mm from the glass surface and a magnetised area of only 325mm2 on each column. The panels of glass are silicone bonded at the corners, but no other structural support is needed and therefore the cost and aesthetic impact of the steelwork is reduced. Calculations can be provided for the optimal "floating" distance of the glass, based on the size of the steel sections and the magnetised area.

As a further experiment we included an electromagnet inside the door and window frames that enabled them to open or close by switching polarity from a central management unit. The magnetic properties can also be used to generate enough energy for central heating, air-conditioning, lighting, hot water production and all other household needs, with the added medical benefits of "magnetised water" and the undisputed and very effective treatment for the relief of symptoms of joint-related disorders that "magnetic therapy" provides.


The first double glazed unit of MAGNAGLAS (TM) is being loaded with the use of a large magnet attached to the gantry. A power unit is electronically bonded to the face of the glass through suction, which allows the polarity to be changed during installation for fine adjustment. The unit is 2.35m x 2.13m and made up from 10mm toughened glass and 6mm toughened glass, with MAGNACOAT (TM) on both sheets and a 16mm argon filled cavity. The panel weighs 106kg (instead of 196kg for standard glass) and is lifted without mechanical assistance and with minimal human effort.

Access to the MAGNAHOME (TM) is obviously limited due to the potential for industrial espionage and can only be done through prior arrangement and a financial commitment to the project (£100,000 in cash) and the continued commercial partnership. Once we have launched the product on 23rd May at IManE 2013 the MAGNAHOME (TM) will open to the public and all information will be made available.

We understand that MAGNAGLAS (TM) will change the construction industry in ways that have not been seen since the first industrial revolution; however Cantifix are determined it will not change the way we do business for our existing loyal customers.

To register an interest in the MAGNAREVOLUTION (TM), please contact us at

600450 Cantifix to launch MAGNAGLAS (TM) on 23rd May 2013

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