ByJet Pro Waterjet Cutting System – Performance Beyond Compare

The ByJet Pro is Bystronic's latest waterjet cutting system. It offers an impressive array of advantages: unmatched productivity, multifunctionality, lasting highest precision and a clean, low-noise working environment.

The ByJet Pro will make its debut at this year's EMO in Hanover, Germany.

Now maximum precision and outstanding productivity in waterjet cutting have a new name: ByJet Pro. This new machine is the latest Bystronic answer to meeting the most stringent demands in parts production without causing thermal effects in the material. The ByJet Pro machine concept features extensive changes compared with the predecessor model and guarantees that the user will be able to work more economically than ever before. Most notable are the new cutting bridge, which can be equipped with up to four independently driven slim Z-axis/cutting heads, the encapsulation of the machine for a cleaner and low-noise working environment and the new ergonomically designed shuttle table, which maximizes machine productivity. Even greater attention has now been focused on the modular design of the machine, so that every customer requirement is perfectly met. As usual, all the key components (machine, pump, CNC controller, software) have been developed in-house by Bystronic and are therefore perfectly matched to one another.

Unparalleled productivity

One prime customer requirement is to significantly increase manufacturing productivity and profitability. This is precisely where the ByJet Pro shines, since by using four cutting heads and a unique shuttle table concept, the system is able to produce up to five times as many parts per unit time. In this context, reference must also be made to the machine's impressive positioning and cutting speeds, combined with unsurpassed axes dynamics.

Additionally, the efficient programming using the Bysoft CAD/CAM software package and the control and monitoring of the cutting processes by ByVision, also ensure that non-productive time and material usage are reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the number of operator errors is reduced significantly by the unit's simple, consistently intuitive touch-screen-based menu guidance system, which only displays those functions that are needed by the operator at any given time. Numerous processes, such as engraving, nozzle calibration or cutting carriage clearance adjustment, can be automated by means of the ByVision system, so that jobs can be completed even faster. Productive time is also increased by the integration of an automatic, maintenance-free scraper conveyor system. Automatic process controls, such as automatic sand-flow monitoring, the diagnostic system for the high-pressure pump and the height-sensing system with collision sensor, permit lightly-manned operation of the system and ensure that the machine and the pump will continue to operate trouble-free for a long period of time.

Thanks to many years of experience in the development and implementation of high-performance waterjet cutting systems, Bystronic is able to offer an optimal price/performance ratio. This is also reflected in the first-class machine concept, which guarantees the user a high level of reliability. The machine is also characterized by its long service life, which has a perceptible positive effect on the ByJet Pro's resale value.


Because it is available in a range of configurations, the ByJet Pro can be tailored precisely to suit the customer's specific production requirements. From single-item production to large series, all orders are executed cost-effectively for a nearly unlimited range of materials. The number of cutting heads used for an individual job can be selected extremely flexibly to match part geometries. For example, large parts can be cut with a single cutting head, while all four cutting heads can be used to handle a job with a large number of small parts. Thanks to the user-friendly programming of all four Z-axes, even the smallest job lots (minimum lot size 4) can be processed economically using all four cutting heads. Thanks to the small distance between the cutting heads smallest parts can be economically nested and cut in order to save material.

Even expensive bonded-fiber laminates and other composites can be processed easily. Delaminations are effectively prevented, for example, by pre-drilling the material using the CNC-controlled drill spindle. Round and profile tubes can also be processed because the ByJet Pro also offers a rotary axis as an optional extra.

Consistently highest precision

The ByJet Pro combines an extremely long service life with lasting precision. This is ensured by the high-quality machine construction, perfect matching of the individual components and mastery of the entire process.

The basis for the high-precision cutting results is the stable, single-piece machine frame and the secure fixing of the material on the cutting table with the aid of a mechanical clamping system. The machine concept, which has been trimmed to achieve maximum cutting precision, continues with the ByJet Pro cutting tool that consists of a user-friendly HPT cutting head (high-precision tool), a highly dynamic cutting valve and a height-sensing system with integrated collision protection. Two individually driven, microprocessor-controlled pressure intensifiers guarantee a constant, linear, and infinitely-adjustable pressure flow from the pumps. Bystronic's highly competent customer service team, which is available to assist customers throughout the world, also ensures a long service life and lasting precision.

Clean, low-noise, and compact

The unique and ingenious machine concept of the ByJet Pro not only saves space but also guarantees a clean, low-noise working environment. Already in predecessor machines, a CNC-controlled water level regulation helped to reduce noise emissions substantially. In the ByJet Pro, this function is supported further by the machine encapsulation, which also serves to significantly reduce air pollution, and which is additionally enhanced by the rinsing unit that is integrated into the machine frame and permits cleaning of the shuttle table and the cut parts. The encapsulation of the ByJet Pro also largely eliminates unproductive safety areas. These features and equipment allow the machine operator to stand closer to the machine and still be protected from the noise, dirt and risks of injury associated with the cutting process. Safe setup operation with the safety door open is also ensured, since in this case the drives are automatically set to reduced speed. To provide further protection for the operator, the new ergonomic, waterproof manual control unit is equipped with a dead-man switch.

"There are many good reasons to invest in ByJet Pro. In my view the four most important ones are: It is even more productive, more flexible, more precise and unbelievably clever; which is why the user gets a maximum return on each invested euro," explains Michael Merkle, head of the Bystronic Waterjet Cutting Business Unit.

The ByJet Pro will be on show to the public for the first time at the EMO, which will take place from September 17 to 22 in Hanover, Germany.

Meeting point: Hall 15, Booth D28.

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600450 ByJet Pro Waterjet Cutting System – Performance Beyond Compare

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