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cericom GmbH is a medium-sized company in Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), which was founded in 2002 and has been part of the LiSEC Group since 2020.

cericom GmbH

We offer our customers a full range of services in laser marking, matting, decoating, drilling and cutting, including customized machine prototypes.

Our philosophy: We are committed to 

  • making glass processing more environmentally friendly by using laser technologies, tailor-made mechanical engineering and outstanding service
  • enabling individual and affordable glass design
  • offering innovative solutions that are very difficult or impossible to achieve using conventional, machining processes.

When developing new groundbreaking solutions in glass processing and finishing with laser technology, we act according to a simple principle:
From our own laser research department to software development, system integration and special construction, as well as in-house production for worldwide service and sales, we consistently follow the principle of "everything from a single source".

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The c-vertica series is our latest patented innovation and a true space saver.
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Wherever horizontal alignment of the glass is not required, this system provides you with a powerful laser machine for glass processing.

As the glass panels do not have to be laid horizontally anymore, they can easily be placed on the machine, which makes the whole handling process a lot easier. This means that even door-sized glass formats can be set up on the c-vertica by a single employee.

The glass panels stand on the machine with a 6° inclination and thanks to the use of soft rollers or support elements they are well protected from scratches and other potential damages.

We manufacture the c-vertica systems in various sizes and expansion stages. Upon request, we will gladly send you a non-binding offer with technical data and prices.


  • Decoating
  • Glass marking
  • Glass frosting
  • Sub-surface engraving
  • Anti-slip


  • Automatic feeding of the discs without physical effort
  • The machine can continue to work independently after work and at weekends


The anti-slip laser structuring creates small indentations on all glass surfaces that can be walked on (even with a post-treatment on toughened safety glass). They create a suction effect that prevents slipping when wet, making it a safer option for public areas.

Unlike printed structures, which disappear after a few months, cericom's slip resistance leaves 90% of the glass surface untouched and develops its effect through vacuum. The small depressions are not subject to any significant abrasion and the surface remains easy to clean. The Wismar Materials Testing Institute has certified the slip-resistant glass surfaces produced with cericom laser machines with "R9" and "R10".

The c-matrix series is a heavy-duty and extremely sturdy machine concept developed by cericom.
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The machine underframe is made of heavy steel constructions with milled guideways.

We offer the machine table in closed or open constructions, depending on the main application. Wherever glass has to be processed in a horizontal orientation this is the ideal solution. The c-matrix system can be supplied as a hybrid or single laser version.

You can therefore either engrave the sub-surface with a solid laser, process the surface using a CO² laser or, if you have the hybrid system, you can carry out both applications on one and the same machine thanks to the provision of 2 laser beam sources.

We produce the c-matrix system in various sizes and configurations. We would be pleased to send you a non-binding offer with technical details and prices.

c-mark consists of a module with laser and 2D-scanner and a lens, optionally available with variable focal lengths.
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A particular adapter plate enables simple and flexible integration of the lasermarking module into the existing system technology and facilitates maintenance and replacement. The rotatable laser scan head enables variable exit of the laser beam, so that processing can also be carried out can also be carried out simply “overhead”, for example.

It can be used wherever high quality markings are required or copyright is an issue for example, in the marking of safety glass, in the automotive industry, in medical technology or for jewelry and perfumes. c-mark enables easy integration into existing plants and machines and is also available as an alternative “stand-alone solution”.

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  • Modular, compact and powerful laser etching/scribing and marking
  • High marking quality and durability
  • Marking directly on the glass
  • No weakening of the glass in the marked area
  • Easy service
  • Electronic readout
  • Individual product code for referencing
  • Marking often takes less than one second
  • For permanent traceability of any kind of visible and almost invisible markings, as graphics, unlimited lines of text in any orientation, bar codes, 2D datamatrix or QR-codes
  • Professional software with simple user interface
  • Low power consumption
    Marking of additional materials possible
  • Specifically developed for markings on any kind of glass, even tempered glass
  • For low and high speed production lines, optionally with “marking on the fly”-technology
  • Environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective, no use of any consumables necessary!
  • Simple operation, manual (via operating software or foot switch) or automated (via production control system)
  • Easy and safe installation and maintenance in production lines or as stand-alone; small and adjustable scan head for more flexibility, easy exchange of laser system based on adjustable mounting plate with preadjusted laser position.
  • Use of high-quality laser components in a robust casing ensures maximum service life, proofed in harsh environment installations
c-cut is a machine designed for laser cutting, drilling and milling of optically transparent brittle materials, primarily for laser processing of glass.
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This machine enables high precision cutting and drilling of glass within a processing area of 100 x 100 mm2 along arbitrary 2D or 3D curves (based on drawings). Now, it is not only possible to cut materials with thicknesses of 20 mm and more but also to drill holes with diameters down to 200 µm and achieve aspect ratios larger than 1:25. The drilling and cutting and milling processes are completely “dry“. Therefore the laser processes do neither require any water nor the accompanying water recycling systems.

A very narrow kerf width combined with high accuracy and resolution enables cuts that are currently not possible with any conventional glass processing technology. For the first time, the laser-based process used in the c-cut machine enables an effective way for laser milling of glass. For example, countersunk holes, tapered holes and other virtually arbitrary 3D structures can be milled into the glass surface with ease and precision.


  • Microelectronics
  • Sensors
  • Microfluidics


  • “Dry” process
  • High hole aspect ratio
  • Small processing features > 0.2 mm
  • High precision and standard versions
  • Integration in production lines
ceribird is a bird-friendly laser-structured glass, produced on laser machines from cericom.
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ceribird makes glass visible to birds saving them from fatal collisions with glass.

Can be realised with the cerilas or ceri3D system on the machines.


ceribird can be used on float, laminated and tempered glass, as well as in combination with insulating glass, low-e and sun protection coatings. The ceribird laser process is approved for toughened glass - even after tempering. And you are free to decide where to place ceribird in your production process.


ceribird is weather and UV resistant and offers the best protection on the outside (POS1) of the glass against bird collisions caused by reflections or transparency.


ceribird is translucent and therefore less disturbing when looking out of the window.


ceribird is not a coating that fades or dissolves over time - ceribird is laser-textured glass, making it as durable as the glass itself.


There are no lacquers, inks, chemicals or complex intermediate steps required in the production of ceribird. The ceribird structure is created directly on the glass surface with the laser beam. The production process is resource efficient and clean.


Create your own bird protection designs and use the cericom laser process for other design tasks. Texts, logos, photos or decors can be transferred directly onto the glass surface - with freely adjustable contrast, in grayscale and in any size and shape. Even certified anti-slip glass surfaces for stairs and glass floors can be produced with the cericom laser.


ceribird means minimal production costs, with no energy-intensive tempering or baking processes, no pre-washing of the glass, and no need to purchase consumables. And once installed, ceribird is as easy to clean as ordinary window glass.

All‘s well that ends well

We think of the entire cycle: ceribird glass is fully recyclable and a sustainable product, as no paints, inks, films or varnishes are used for ceribird - glass becomes glass again - and best of all: ceribird!

For a new bird-friendly future.

Another innovation is the anti-slip structuring of walkable glass surfaces with the help of a laser beam.
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Small dents are made on the glass surface with a fine pattern that can only be seen with the naked eye at a very close range. When stepping on these dents, a suction effect is created, which prevents slipping when the glass is wet.

Normal printed structures disappear due to abrasion after only a few months and are also hard to clean. The cericom anti-slip, on the other hand, leaves 90% of the glass surface intact and develops its anti-slip effect with vacuum. Therefore, the small dents hardly suffer any abrasion, and the surface remains easy to clean.

The Material Testing Institute of Wismar has certified the slip-resistant glass surfaces from cericom with the grades R9 and R10. The cericom anti-slip is characterized by its transparency and high durability.

What sets our method apart is that the user no longer needs to purchase specialized glass. They can simply keep their standard glass in stock and effortlessly transform it into walkable glass, making it an environmentally friendly choice. With our innovative approach, there's no need to invest in costly new materials or disposal of existing glass. This not only saves money but also reduces the environmental impact associated with glass production and disposal.

Our system can be seamlessly integrated into various machinery, including the cerilas or cericut systems, and the c-vertica, c-cut, and c-matrix machines. This flexibility makes it easy for users to incorporate our anti-slip solution into their existing processes, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced safety and functionality without the need for extensive modifications or expensive replacements.

For visually impaired or blind people, tactile guidance systems offer orientation possibilities through haptic recognition, for example for finding and operating doors.
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High-contrast elements make it clear that there is an obstacle in the way, even with impaired vision.

Classically, information or patterns are printed. Here, too, laser technology shows its advantages and enables the simple and cost-effective production of glass elements that make life easier for many people.

Can be realised with the cerilas or cericut system on the machines