Laser Marking
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Germany | Industry service
Since 2002, innovative technology for glass processing has been produced at the Minden site for worldwide use. We offer our customers a full range of services in the system areas of laser marking, laser matting, laser decoating, laser drilling and laser cutting up to prototype machine construction.
Germany | Manufacturer
4JET microtech GmbH specializes in micromachining solutions for cutting and drilling of brittle materials such as glass, as well as solutions for thin-film ablation. Our PearlCut glass cutting process or NanoDirect for micronscale surface modification target the speciality glass, display and PV ind.
United States | Manufacturer
Applied photonics provides proprietary laser solutions to the FPD and semiconductor industries.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Founded in 1983 and now the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-tempering systems exporting over 80% of machinery to every corner of the world. All British heavy duty industrial engineering, designed for the professional glass processor's and 24/7 reliability.
United States | Manufacturer
CNC laser processing machinery for cutting glass or marking glass or 3D engraving glass.
China | Manufacturer
Changchun Jinlong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision optical components and optical lenses.
United States | Manufacturer
Control Micro Systems manufacturers custom industrial turnkey laser systems for marking alpha-numeric text and graphics on glass surfaces.
Finland | Industry service
GLASER™ is a registered trademark of Hypermemo Oy. GLASER™ technology utilizes our unique patented CO2 laser installed on the linear axis machine enabling 3D glass machining.
Belgium | Manufacturer
We make sure you stay ahead of the curve with premium laser and motion technologies. With a focus on laser process applications, our commitment to precision is a promise. Rely on our experienced team of engineers to kickstart your next R&D project or to co-design custom solutions.
Canada | Manufacturer
Virtek manufactures mobile and in-line laser marking and laser projection systems for the flat-glass and window & door industries.