A Brighter Future for Glass Industry and Global Environment

Date: 27 March 2014
Source: LandGlass
A historic agreement has been reached between Ardagh Glass Holmegaard and local heat supplier recently.

In line with the agreement, Ardagh Glass Holmegaard will provide the surplus heat emitted by the furnaces during the glass melting operation for the neighboring district to heat the homes there.  Ardagh Glass Holmegaard, which is located in Fensmark on the east of Denmark, produces 160,000 tonnes of container glass each year, primarily for the beer, spirit, wine, non- alcoholic beverage and food sectors.As a result, the amount of heat generated by the plant during its manufacturing process every year is astonishing. Although by way of using significant amounts of recycled glass (cullet) in its furnaces, Ardagh Glass Holmegaard has reduced the amount of energy required to power the plant, the heat generated during the melting process and then discharged through the chimney is still significant.

Ardagh Glass Holmegaard has always been considering about how to put this heat to productive second use. Now all its work pays off. With the help of SE Big Blue, part of Danish energy group SE, a considerable part of this heat can be recycled. The reason why we call this agreement a historic agreement is that all lot of parties can benefit from it and that we can predict a brighter future for glass industry on the basis of this agreement. First of all, the money that Ardagh Glass Holmegaard earn from the heat they sell to the neighboring residents, helps to offset their investment cost. Second, The district will receive a secure supply of cheaper energy. Last but no the least, it is friendly to the environment.

Compared with the traditional gas boiler heating process, it saves at least 3300 tonnes of CO2 a year,which is very substantial. At the same time, we can predict the brighter future for the glass industry from this case, in which the company can not only reduce the investment cost but also make its plants environment-friendly. LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. , as a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of glass tempering furnaces, is very excided on hearing the news. We firmly belive that it will provide enlightenment for our future innovations and that we can glance at the brighter future for the glass industry based on this case.

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