AGC Interpane at BAU 2015

Date: 23 January 2015

New types of thermal insulation glass, diversity in solar control and design, building-integrated photovoltaics and heating glass.

At the BAU 2015 trade fair in Munich, AGC Interpane presented numerous highlights from their completely updated product range: first and foremost the new insulation glass product portfolio, but also innovative types of solar control glass, decorative glass products for interiors and architecture, building-integrated photovoltaics, heatable glass and much more.The most important change to the product range from AGC Interpane in recent months is the new thermal insulation glass product portfolio: the colour-neutral insulation glass "iplus Top 1.1" and the toughenable variant "iplus Top 1.1 T" with a thermal transmittance (Ug) of 1.1 W/(m²K), as well as "iplus Advanced 1.0" and its toughenable version "iplus Advanced 1.0 T", an energy-optimized glass with a thermal transmittance (Ug) of 1.0 W/(m²K).For large-area or south-facing glazing, AGC Interpane offers the product "iplus Energy N". This has a special silver coating that reduces the solar factor, while optimising daylight transmission, colour neutrality and reflection. The product variant "iplus Energy NT" is toughenable. For triple glazing the alliance offers products bearing the passive house certification: "iplus Top 3", "iplus Top 3C" and the radiation-optimized high-end product "iplus 3 LS" alongside the toughenable version "iplus 3 LST". Anti-fog glazing with a pyrolytic coating prevents condensation from forming on the outer pane, thus ensuring a consistently good view of the outside world. The “iplus AF Top” version provides high thermal insulation, while “iplus AF Energy N” delivers effective solar control.

Solar control innovations

For future-orientated architecture with an optimal energy balance AGC Interpane provides high-performance solar control glass products, for example the high-end product ipasol ultraselect 62/29: light transmission of 62 percent, a solar factor of 29 percent – an outstanding selectivity for a colour-neutral solar control glass. The glass reduces the requirement for cooling in summer and at the same time allows a maximum amount of daylight transmission – this saves energy for electric lighting, protects the environment and extends the creative possibilities for architects and façade constructors. The low external reflectivity (10 percent) minimizes unwanted reflections. This leads to an excellent colour-neutral appearance of the glass and view through it. Its excellent thermal transmittance (Ug) of just 1.0 W/(m2K) protects against the loss of heating energy in the winter months.

Another high-performance solar control glass product shown by AGC Interpane is “Stopray Ultra-50 on Clearvision”. This high-end glazing has a triple silver coating, combining maximum light transmission with a significantly reduced inflow of heat into the building. The coating is applied to a low iron float glass. The solar factor of 23 percent is especially low, greatly reducing air conditioning costs. At the same time, the daylight transmission of 49 percent means interiors are flooded with natural light. Its excellent thermal transmittance (Ug) of just 1.0 W/(m2K) protects against the loss of heating energy in the winter months. Superb daylight transmission and an especially low total energy transmittance are also offered by “Stopray Ultra-60” and “60T on Clearvision”. They are also very colour-neutral when looking at or through them, even from oblique angles.

Modern and comprehensive decorative glass range

The extended “Lacobel T” toughenable painted glass range is the alliance’s latest addition to its decorative glass portfolio. What makes it so special is the fact that the colours are burnt into the glass surface during the toughening process, making it extremely resistant to thermal shocks and UV, and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. For glass processors the logistical advantage is also attractive: Lacobel T can be cut to size and then toughened at their plant, making processing easier and faster. It is available in 15 different colours. Other decorative glass products were built right into the booth structure, including “ipadecor” (digital and screen-printed glass), “Oltreluce” (patterned glass) and “ipachrome design” (chrome-based partially coated glass).

Functional glass: need heating or electricity?

In addition to decorative and building glass products, AGC Interpane presented glazing with special additional functions for heating and building-integrated photovoltaics. “ipatherm” is a heating glass for use in rooms without a traditional heating system. It contains a very thin, transparent metal layer that can be continuously heated via an electrical connection to temperatures of up to 60 °C. This space-saving heating solution provides comfort through the even, allergy-free output of warmth. “SunEwat XL” is a laminated glass with embedded mono or polycrystalline photovoltaic cells that generate electricity whenever they are exposed to sun. The super-clear outer pane maximises output. The inner pane can be clear, low-iron, coloured or screen-printed glass. As a result, the modules meet both aesthetic and functional needs, and can be used in facades and spandrels.

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