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| This paper gives an overview of experimental research performed on glazing subjected to fire loading.
| The main goal of all fire-rated glass is to compartmentalize fire to enable safe exit. It is most commonly used around egress areas, property line walls, stairwells, and points of exit.
| Insulating glass has been used around the world in applications ranging from family homes to high-scale construction.
| Advances in glass manufacturing processes mean there has never been more choice when it comes to the fire glass market.
| When asked about his contribution to glass advancements, O’keeffe quickly points to the greater reliance on science that is inherent in the industry today.
| “Fire-protection” vs. “fire-resistive.” How should a building code official understand these often confused terms when considering fire-rated glass?
| An innovative synthesis of UV-cured digital print and industrial surface coatings transforms façades into modern art
| Wrightstyle Limited is one of the UK’s most innovative steel glazing specialists with an international client base. Lee Coates, the company’s technical manager, explains the mechanics of fire and fire safety.
| Fire sprinklers in a glazing publication? The topic may seem unrelated to the glass industry, yet in reality, what you know about sprinklers may significantly impact the way you glaze a building for fire safety and protect you from liability issues.
| There is a great deal of confusion in the industry about how sprinklers and glass work together to provide fire protection. Which of these statements would you agree with?
| We are all wondering what the future will bring. How much will computers improve? Will the global economy boom or bust? Will the mankind explore the space?
| We'll begin with some basic definitions. Just what is fire-rated glass? As the name implies, it is glass that has proven to offer a certain degree of protection in the face of fire. That may sound like a strange task for glass to perform.
| A comprehensive fire protection program addresses at least three things: detection, suppression and compartmentation. Detection devices such as smoke and fire alarms provide early warnings and are essential for alerting people to danger.
| Part of what made the fire so deadly was the inadequate fire protection in place at the time. According to Associated Press sources, the fire alarms in the building were extremely unpredictable.
| Wired glass is more dangerous than regular glass when it breaks because the exposed wires are razor sharp.
| In order to determine the safe use of fire-rated glazing in critical life safety locations, you need to know how much radiated energy passes through any given fire-rated glass product.