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| The latest Glastory blog is dealing with the newest trends coming to the bus glass market - how the cut-outs, digital and screen printing, larger surfaces and thinner glass to reduce weight and fuel consumption is challenging the glass processing.
| The latest Glastory post is dealing with the trends in automotive display glass processing.
| In this blog post, we look at trends in the sunroof and windshield business today and how glass processors can prepare for them.
| Latest Glastory blog by Jukka Immonen is dealing with the 5 promises of convection technology in windshield bending.
| The functionality of glass goes far beyond the proven basic properties of this transparent material.
| Thin glass – as thin as a razor blade or a human hair – is a reliable method to protect smartphone touchscreens, sensitive filters and sensors.
| Having tinted glass in the windows of a vehicle can have several benefits, but it is also necessary to be aware of the laws that have been put in place to regulate its use.
| Since Oribay began with its Oritape production (commercial brand for its own adhesives), 92% of their customers have already chosen this alternative.
| At the Bystronic glass Neuhausen-Hamberg location, there is a cause for great delight: The 1000th sealing robot, namely the high-performance "speed’sealer" was delivered a few days ago to a Chinese customer.
| Competitiveness, innovation and flexibility are what make Oribay a different company.
| dedicates the weekly focus to a technical article titled "A Sealed System for Heatable Glass - A New Product; the article is written by Prem Boaz, President of Glass Products Consulting LLC in Port Orange, Fla..
| Firstly, it would be great if everyone in the glass industry refrained from calling this product “bullet proof” I seriously doubt if anything is ultimately bullet proof, bullet resistant is indeed the correct terminology and within the industry this…
| Large bus and special vehicle windscreens are produced with gravity bending method. Producing successfully this largest segment of vehicle glazing requires not just suitable equipment, but advanced skills, know-how, knowledge, and quality tooling,…
| The global recession has created severe problems for the automotive industry. Since the rapid downturn, car windscreen original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been forced to lay off employees and even close factories.
| The oscillating horizontal tempering furnace developed in the 1970s has been one of the most significant innovations of recent decades, above all commercially.