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Viprotron GmbH | Germany | Manufacturer
When it comes to the visual quality of tempered and heat-treated glass, anisotropy is a top concern among producers and architects or end users.
Mappi International Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
Today A TS 4.0 does not want to define a new standard, it aims to overcome it. ATS 4.0 raises the bar in limiting consumptions through the use of coordinated MHS, ESS...
Mappi International Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
ATS EcoConvection present the most advanced technical carateristcs technology might offer: reduced size heating elements and equipped with temperature control...
Mappi International Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
Fox EcoConvection is the best solution. It’s smaller then ATS but offer the same technical characteristics. Fox EcoConvection has the temperature control...
Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd., | China | Manufacturer
Glass tempering furnaces; T-Series, A-Series and B-Series that's the most mature tempering furnace who can produce domestic first-class quality tempered glass.
Horn Glass Industries | Germany | Manufacturer
Melting Furnace, Forehearth, Heating Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Machines and Units, Peripheral Equipment, EUROX, Services
Horn Glass Industries | Germany | Manufacturer
FEATURES: High furnace capacity up to 1000 t/d, high quality glass for architecture or automotive purpose, low energy consumption, low emmission values.
Horn Glass Industries | Germany | Manufacturer
FEATURES: Project management, Batch plant, Melting furnace (HORN), Forming, Annealing, Inspection, Packing, Utilities.
Tvitec | Spain | Manufacturer
The TVITEC equipment are available for big formats allowing a clean and continuous façade taking into account the features required for any project. TVITEC capacity is up to 12 meters for almost any type of process.