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Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
AB-AR is a post-breakage structural interlayer designed for applications calling for an extra degree of safety in public spaces or those meant to withstand high linear loading. Offers post-breakage passive safety in tempered glass.
Kuraray Europe GmbH | Germany | Manufacturer
Sound Control products are PVB films with outstanding sound protection properties. Compared to a glass assembly containing standard PVB film, the same assembly containing Sound Control achieves improvements in sound insulation of up to 3 db.
Kuraray Europe GmbH | Germany | Manufacturer
Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions can help build lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient family car sunroofs or wider and more spectacular views of the ocean, through more durable yacht windows.
Glaston Corporation | Finland | Manufacturer
Need to produce the highest quality bent tempered glass? Need to produce premium-quality bent tempered glass?
SATINAL SPA | Italy | Manufacturer
Laminating oven for EVA, PVB and SentryGlas. Autoclave free.
Eastman Machine Company | United States | Manufacturer
C135 – Laminated Glass, EVA .030 inch thick (.76mm) C135 – Laminated Glass, EVA .015 inch thick (.38mm)
Hornos Industriales Pujol | Spain | Manufacturer
The Pujol-TQ System was developed and designed by Hornos Industriales Pujol to treat glass of nearly any thickness.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
To be used in conjunction with the range of machines offered by Hornos Industriales Pujol, Evalam offers an extensive assortment of consumables to help you achieve the best results in laminated glass.
Kuraray Europe GmbH | Germany | Manufacturer
With the broadest product portfolio in the market Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division is ideally positioned for the requirements of decorative glazing.
Tvitec | Spain | Manufacturer
Glass subjected to a heat process (Tempering, Tempering + HST or Heat Strengthened) which increases the thermal and mechanical resistance. The tempered panes get the products as safety glass. In case of rupture, its fragments will be harmless.
Thompson I.G. | United States | Manufacturer
Suntuitive interlayer is a thermochromic, self-tinting technology, incorporated into PVB, a standard plastic used in glass lamination.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
The Evalam 80/120 range has been developed for laminations requiring working temperatures not exceeding 100ºC, such as decorative elements which use organic products.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
Evalam Color is an EVA product developed for temperatures in the 120ºC range without causing changes in colour near the edges, ensuring greater durability of the colour over time.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
Evalam N-Fluent is an EVA product designed to minimise the overall costs of the post-lamination process.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
Evalam Visual is an EVA film developed for lamination experts looking for a product with high added value. Its excellent and incomparable transparency, high adhesive strength, superb acoustic insulation performance, and a crosslinking index like no other on the market make it the perfect product.
Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH | Germany | Manufacturer
Our quality films are designed & extensively tested to make our world a safer place.
Glaston Corporation | Finland | Manufacturer
Looking to reach the highest quality in all types of laminated glass?
Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd., | China | Manufacturer
Since 2015, NorthGlass has started the layout of building“Industry 4.0” intelligent factory, developing more innovative products to guarantee long-term business development.
Michael Mercury, LTD | Russia | Distributor
The strategy of our work is to build trust and mutually beneficial relationships based on providing our customers with high-performance glass processing equipment and providing professional technical support.
Guardian Europe | Luxembourg | Manufacturer
Guardian LamiGlass®comprises two or more panes of glass bonded together using clear PVB interlayers.