The world's best products for the world's largest IG

International motor shows are traditionally where car makers can freely unleash their creativity in order to engage the public’s attention with very innovative projects that may even be over-the-top because they cannot be mass produced, but that are show stoppers all the same.

In the 50’s and 60’s it was all about dream cars, now the new frontier is hybrid propulsion. The intent remains the same: to wow visitors with scene-stealing proposals and give a demonstration of the technological excellence that has been achieved. For the benefit of the big names who aim to underline their leadership, and for the smaller players who want to make themselves known and appreciated.

The extraordinary size of the IG displayed by Henze Glass at Glasstec is clearly shown in these two pictures: an “extreme” product but featuring highly reliable production methods and materials.

Something similar happened at Glasstec, where Henze-Glas presented the world’s largest IG: almost 60 square meters of triple IG, weighing about 4.5 tons. Very demanding to build, very difficult to transport, almost impossible to use (wherever could a glass sheet more than 3 meters high by 18 meters in length be installed?), but as we were saying a great demonstration of technological expertise and thinking big of course, without setting oneself any strict limits. Also because size in itself is not a value, but becomes one when supported by real performance features in terms of thermal performance which, according to the builder, is significant (Ug-Value: 1.6 W/m2 ). This result was achieved with the skilful, enthusiastic and patient work of 45 specialized experts who made the best use of the great experience of Henze-Glas from Lower Saxony, a company that has built its fame and success around large and extra-large IG. Its know-how of course is not limited to such sophisticated products, but also to their best applications: in fact, it delivers complete logistics assistance, especially with transport and assembly. Experts and skilled workers ensure that the IG is treated with all the possible care during delivery and installation as well: this particularly delicate operation calls for specially-qualified people. A specialized qualification, as the record-setting IG presented at Glasstec goes to show.

The Thiover sealant and the Chromatech Plus stainless steel profile were the must-have partner-products for the Henze Glass project.

However this result could only be obtained because behind all this was the commitment of an entire team that can operate at similar levels, a line-up of specialists with each member contributing his expertise.

The Fenzi group also played an important role in this operation by providing its consultancy and the best products so that the project could succeed in the best of ways. While the supply of three float glass sheets of a similar size in a single piece called for a major commitment, the same goes for the other must-have elements: the sealant and profiles. The stability and rigidity of the system is of absolute importance when working with similar sizes: an extreme case, but for this very reason the best on the market was sourced. The choice fell on the Thiover sealant because of its extraordinary mechanical qualities that have been upgraded constantly and that have helped it become a top-seller worldwide. As well as on the Chromatech Plus profile by Rolltech, the best for large-sized IG because of the stainless steel and its special geometrical structure. Two excellent and perfectly complementary products that are distributed worldwide by the Glass Alliance network.

600450 The world's best products for the world's largest IG

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