Tecglass Expands Global Reach with New Business Unit

Date: 25 March 2024
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Tecglass North America - Business Unit to serve growing market demand and elevate service standards
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Date: 25 March 2024

Tecglass North America - Business Unit to serve growing market demand and elevate service standards

TECGLASS S.L , a world- leading supplier of Turn-Key digital printing solutions, has recently announced the opening of its newest business unit in United States. This expansion represents a strategic move of the Spanish company to meet the increasing demand for USA and Canada markets, as well as for the continuous improvement of its commitment to after sales service, continuously elevating the customer experience.


The new business unit, located at the premises of FENZI AGT USA LLC [498 Acorn Lane, Downingtown, PA 19335 ], is fully operational as of March 1, 2024 , and will have as its essential mission the supply and service of the entire range of Jetver ceramic inks, consumables and spare parts, to cater to the diverse needs of the continually increasing customers’ portfolio of the world leader supplier in digital printing solutions .

  In addition to the extensive product/service offerings, the new business unit will provide to all customers the possibility to operate administratively directly with Fenzi AGT USA LLC for everything related to invoicing, administrative procedures and complete order management, mitigating time differences to provide a real-time service, as well as to avoid all the logistic processes of transoceanic shipments, something customers will no longer have to worry about. With a focus on continuous improvement of customer services, the aim is to deliver unparalleled value and exceptional customer experiences.

The warehousing facilities at AGT USAS  LLC will have a usable space assigned to Tecglas,  allocated for the storage and management of a Tecglass comprehensive product selection. An extensive inventory of essential spare parts and main consumables as well as a live and dynamic storage system for most of the ranges of ceramic inks manufactured by the Spanish company.


The recently inaugurated Business unit has a permanent stock and storage system of ceramic inks, maintaining the inks under optimal temperature and storage conditions by means of automatic devices that keep the inks under continuous rotation. The world-leader supplier of digital printing solution installed 6 completed systems for this purpose with room for future expansions, guaranteeing their correct supply to the final customer in ideal conditions, with a full 6 months of useful life since its effective delivery.

Gustavo Lázara [North America Area Manager] and Laurent Cabel [General Manager Fenzi AGT] explain how this implementation and expansion has been carried out within the group in these last months.

Gustavo Lázara- NA Area Manager
Gustavo Lázara- NA Area Manager

"We are absolutely thrilled to launch our new business unit as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This expansion underscores our dedication to serving the evolving needs of our clients and further solidifies our position as a trusted industry leader. For Tecglass it is a milestone of extreme importance, it was within the roadmap of our commercial expansion and strategy, and being North America one of the most relevant markets for us, to have now the capabilities to supply all our customers directly from the United States was simply a win-to-win decision and the right step to take” - said Gustavo Lázara [North America Area Manager].

We have currently more than 60 digital printing lines operating between the United States and Canada, customers in different sectors such as architecture, automotive, food retailers .... Specifically for our customers in the automotive industry ( After Market and OEM fabricators) we have no doubt that the impact of this implementation will be enormous at all levels, they are customers who move in orders and ink consumption of really important volumes, having the ability to provide a permanent stock and being able to supply their orders in 2/3 days directly from USA, is absolutely an incredible milestone for us, we are able to improve exceptionally our reaction time when serving an order and at the end of the year the savings for the customer are immense.”

“The whole implementation process that we have carried out is absolutely thought and focused on them, to improve the day-to-day of our customers, by placing at their disposal more economical and efficient solutions and an optimized service. Having the strength to carry out this whole process through and with the support of Fenzi Group, gives us a solidity and total guarantee that the decision taken is the right one at this time and the step that our customers were demanding”

“Also, from a commercial strategy for the market growth, we will significantly strengthen our position, operating directly between manufacturer and end customer.  Taking into account our current organizational structure and capacities, not having a “middle-man” between us and the customer, will make us much more competitive in terms of price at which we can commercialize our leading technology, have a better follow-up and technical definition of the client's needs when we propose our digital solution in the initial stages of the project” – remarks Gustavo Lázara [North America Area Manager].

“AGT Advanced Glass Technologies has many years’ experience in the development and manufacture of glass enamels for automotive applications, having a deep knowledge of the North American market and being able to provide Tecglass with our commercial, logistic and administrative network under a common goal of mutual success creating value for both organizations within the Fenzi group.”

Laurent Cabel -GM Fenzi AGT
Laurent Cabel -GM Fenzi AGT

“The entire implementation process in conjunction with Tecglass has truly been a smooth transition. The fact of being both companies’ part of the Fenzi Group has greatly facilitated our cooperation and organization of synergies, in order to carry out the process in an effective and solid manner. As local partner, we are delighted to cooperate with Tecglass in this important milestone, bringing as well our invaluable knowledge and insights about the local market and its dynamics - ” – remarks Laurent Cabel [General Manager of Fenzi AGT].

Part of the Tecglass and Fenzi AGT USA LLC team at the recently opened Downingtown facility.
Part of the Tecglass and Fenzi AGT USA LLC team at the recently opened Downingtown facility.


Tecglass Bussines Unit :


[498 Acorn Lane Downingtown, PA 19335 USA


Website: www.tecglassdigital.com


Contact information:

Mrs. Ann Marie McBride

Customer Service Representative Fenzi AGT

Email: AnnMarieMcBride@fenzigroup.com

Phone number: +1 610-873-3226


Mr. Tom Colwell

Accounting Manager Fenzi AGT

Email: tomcolwell@fenzigroup.com

Phone number: +1 610-873-3223


Mr. Gustavo Lázara

Area Manger BU North America

Email: gustavolazara@tecglass.es 

Phone number: +34 695-90-94-93.


Mr. Laurent Cabel

General Manager Fenzi AGT

Email: laurentcabel@fenzigroup.com

Phone number: +1 610-656-7240

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