Tecglass & Amica Group - Uniting Strengths for Success

Date: 15 April 2024
Source: Tecglass
Tecglass & Amica Group - Uniting Strengths for Success
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Date: 15 April 2024

Amica Group partners with Tecglass for cutting-edge digital printing technology.

When we talk about the Amica Group, its own world-renowned name hardly needs any introduction.

With a solid presence in more than 70 countries, nearly 3.000 employees across all of Europe, and 70 years of background experience brought to excellence, providing approximately 5 million appliances to customers worldwide annually. Moreover, in the Group's portfolio are the following brands: Amica (Central and Western Europe), Hansa (Eastern Europe), Gram (Scandinavia), CDA (United Kingdom), and Fagor (Spain).

Tecglass & Amica Group - Uniting Strengths for Success

Numbers definitely speak for themselves about the Amica Group's performance and capacity.

Amica's story is simply unique! Founded in 1945 in the small town of Wronki, Poland, it has undergone a subsequent journey of continuous evolution and growth, positioning itself today as one of the world's leading manufacturers of world-class home appliance products. 

Amica’s business is today an icon of a successful Polish company that is storming the markets of Europe. For a great number of consumers, it has become synonymous with high quality, affordable pricing, and understanding customer’s needs.

The continuous growth and improvement for better control of its final product in all its stages, has led the group to make a strong bet on digital printing technology, choosing the Spanish world leader Tecglass, as its reliable partner, for the supply of a high-capacity digital printing line for glass decoration.

Complete installation of a digital printer has recently been completed, a Vitro-Jet Single Pass HA with a maximum glass processing capacity of 600 x 900 mm glass size and a printing capacity of 9 linear meters per minute. The installation of a Quality Scanner supplied by Tecglass has also been part of this exciting project, to guarantee the high-quality standards that are the hallmark of the Polish company.

Visual of the Vitro-Jet Single Pass HA digital printer at AMICA's facilities.
Visual of the Vitro-Jet Single Pass HA digital printer at AMICA's facilities.

The completion and run-up of the digital printer and its preparation for industrial production conditions, has meant a turning point for the manufacturing of decorated glass in-house for Amica Group.

Mr. Dariusz Gorączka
Mr. Dariusz Gorączka

We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Dariusz Gorączka - Technology Manager & Chief Enameller of Amica S.A – who has given us his perspective on what has implied for Amica the firm commitment to incorporate digital printing technology into its production processes and the recent partnership established with the Spanish firm Tecglass, a world leader in its field of application.

First of all, what were the main reasons that led Amica to select Tecglass as its trusted digital printing supplier for this project?

Before the project, Amica has not had much experience in the area of digital printing. During the investment process, we were looking for a supplier that would help us to unlock new opportunities for the company. We decided to choose Tecglass as they represent a unique approach to the business partners. From the early beginning, Tecglass provided us with full support and strong engagement, moreover, nothing has changed after commissioning. What was very important for us was the fact that they took responsibility for the entire process: not only for the printer itself but also for the ink system. Finally, Tecglass was able to provide a complex technology system and openly share the knowledge with our team.

What are your thoughts about how things turned out during the whole process of the relationship established with Tecglass in terms of project definition, installation, operation, and upkeep?

Throughout the entire time, we felt that Tecglass took care of the entire process. Even when we had problems, Tecglass openly communicated the challenges and was very focused on resolving all the issues that arose during the project. What impressed us the most, was the commitment of the Tecglass technical team during installation. They were striving to deliver the highest quality.

What level of training and technical support have been delivered by Tecglass during and after the completion of the installation?

Induction cooktop printed with Tecglass technology
Induction cooktop printed with Tecglass technology

During the whole project, we received several training sessions. Tecglass’ experts always openly answered our questions and made sure that we understood how to operate the printer. Tecglass provided us with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. What I also appreciate is that Tecglass specialists are always available online.

In general terms, may you tell us, what this new alliance with Tecglass has meant for the Amica Group and how the incorporation of this technology for decorated glass has contributed to the Amica Group in terms of production capabilities and flexibility for part of your product offerings?

New digital InkJet technology provided by Tecglass is a game-changer in our industry.  Firstly, with the new technology, we can be more flexible allowing us to respond to market demand much faster than our competitors. Secondly, we have almost unlimited possibilities and can produce a diversified series of our equipment. Last but not least we can be more resistant to supply chain breakdowns as we control over that crucial part of the production process.

Go Digital!

Go Digital !

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  • Amica:

Email: kontakt@amica.com.pl

Phone: +48 67 25 46 100

  • Tecglass:

Email: comercial@tecglass.es 

Phone: +34 986 787 327

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