The Switchglass Door Viewing Panel

A modern and tasteful adaptation of the minimalist door-peephole (which has its genesis as a one-way spy hole).   Consider the upper third of a wooden front door.

This is where your Door Viewing Panel would be inserted.

And here’s the interesting aspect: While the privacy glass panel will be square (or rectangular), the frame applied on the outside (and inside) of the door may be of any shape and ornateness.

Panel in Jeweller’s Warehouse Door – ‘off and ‘on’

For security, these small Switchable Privacy Glass panels are constructed from two panes of at least 5mm thickness toughened glass. Extra PVB film can be added during the laminating process to enhance the ‘Impact Resistant’ property of the panels. It is, however, equally important to have the panel set very securely into the door itself. The decorative frame itself is, in reality,  more of an ’embellishment’.

The wiring is fed through the door’s core to the hinge area and into a Power Transfer device, from where it is led to the concealed transformer, power source and switch device. Read more >


Panel in Front Door of Sumptuous Residence –   ‘off and ‘on’

Putting aside the residential, domestic use for a moment, businesses such as Jewellery and Precious Metal Wholesalers and Dealers traditionally need to vet customers outside their warehouse doors before they allow them entrance into their well-stocked rooms. Some already use CCT systems (a most unsociable way for a client to be announcing themselves). Such businesses may wish to install a two way audio device in or above the door to complement the Switchglass Door-viewing Panel. In respect to the Hotel industry, most hotel room doors are already powered for the electronic card entry these days and the connect-up can be facilitated via this existing power source.  Read more >

Panel in Operating Theatre door – ‘off and ‘on’

Switchable Privacy Glass is already being used in hospital doors and windows. Read more >

600450 The Switchglass Door Viewing Panel

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