SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect from Glas Trösch

The “palm of the hand rule” provides for optimum protection against bird strike.
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The façade glazing with integrated bird protection.

The usage of glass for large surface areas is one of the key design features of contemporary façades today. Plenty of natural light as well as interesting insights and perspectives are just a few advantages which the transparent construction material has to offer.

Whilst these properties are beneficial for users, transparent or even reflective glass surfaces represent a source of danger for birds. Although there are corresponding guidelines in place for preventing birds striking windows, up to date this has not been achieved to sufficient extent using an appropriate façade design.

With the new SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect, in collaboration with the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach, Glas Trösch has now developed a type of glass which significantly reduces bird strikes and also offers flexible design


Visible structures guarantee effective protection

There is a widespread assumption that placing silhouettes of birds of prey on windows is a proven measure against bird strikes. However, studies have shown that this precaution does not provide sufficient protection against bird deaths.

According to the Swiss Ornithological Institute, effective protection for birds can only be achieved through visible textures applied in a flat design all over the glass.

The new SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect offers such a solution: The motifs printed onto the glazing enable birds to clearly identify the surface as an obstacle. Helping to avoid what in most cases is a fatal collision.


The “palm of the hand rule” as a criterion for glass which is safe for birds

Because birds are used to flying through dense branches they see even small open spaces as a fly-through opportunity. In order to meet the conditions for highly effective bird protection, the gap between the individual images must be no larger than the palm of a hand.

An additional indication for the optimal visibility of transparent surfaces is the minimum 15 percent intensity of the printing of the glass.These criteria also formed the basis for the development of the bird-friendly SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect.

SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect offers an individual look.
SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect offers an individual look.


Aesthetic solutions for bird-friendly construction

SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect doesn’t just promise planners and developers an effective measure against bird strike. Thanks to the highly flexible printing process, Glas Trösch also offers the opportunity for developing a very specific design – coordinated to match individual design ideas.

The selected motifs can be applied to both thermal and solar control coatings, regardless of where the insulating glass is installed. By contrast to other materials such as screens or curtains, the façade glazing BIRDprotect provides for an almost uninterrupted view outside, ensuring sufficient daylight and a pleasant room climate.

In consultation with the various specialists and in compliance with the “palm of the hand” rule and the degree of printing, the SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect product allows for individual designs, without compromising the strict requirements for bird protection.

600450 SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect from Glas Trösch
Date: 23 January 2017

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