SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabric — play of colours in 6200 glass panels

Date: 4 May 2015
Source: SEFAR
Sefar’s sophisticated facade solution can do many things, such as a changing the colouring of the facade as the sun crosses the sky, providing protection from the sun’s glare — and providing privacy in the workplace by inhibiting the view inwards while allowing an unrestricted outward view.

In the design of these kinetic facade elements Sefar’s precision fabrics play a crucial role.Fabrics such as SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabric, which is coated in multiple colours on one side and then laminated between two sheets of Kuraray SentryGlas® — the composite safety-glass laminate. Another beneficial property of the coating is that it reduces the sun’s incoming heat (solar heat gain) in the summer months and thus the air-conditioning systems do not have to work so hard, which saves energy costs and also helps to protect the environment.

The story-high glass louvers having laminated SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabrics are automatically oriented towards the sun and thus optimize the heat-insulation and shading. This precise orientation is controlled by an electronic control system, ensuring that the louvers are directed precisely to reduce the sun's heat transference and reduce glare upon the building's inhabitants. An invisible mechanism integrated into the aluminium support profiles ensures that the moving facade is synchronized from the first to the seventh floor of the building and so provides an impressive dynamic overall appearance.

6200 panels of glass louvers — from a total of 9300 m2 in the existing facade — are rotatable at an angle up to 200° and present a facade of warm colours and reflects the vivid scenery of the city, the position of the sun, the play of clouds and weather — and ever-changing depending on the angle of incidence of the light. Also, the incorporated open mesh fabric allows a clear view of the outside for the c. 1700 workforce and gives the incoming light a completely natural quality.

The perfect answer for all Glass Facade Challenges needs

For the people inside, the glass facade and its subtle play of colours act principally as a sun shade system providing privacy and glare protection, while furnishing the occupants an unobstructed view to the outside.  SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabrics play a vital role in the total design conception of the building to reduce the building’s energy consumption while reducing glare and improving views.

600450 SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabric — play of colours in 6200 glass panels
Date: 4 May 2015
Source: SEFAR

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