Reduce labour and complaints, gain production precision and quality of coated glass

P²-Coating inspection: saving annual resources of hundreds of thousand Euros   Coating transforms glass into an all-purpose material, used for example to grace the facades of large buildings.

In order to be able to provide high-end quality, glass coaters must guarantee their finished goods to be immaculate. With P²-Coating, the new inspection system for coated glass, ISRA VISION offers the innovative solution for coating, coloring and surface inspection on one single platform. As part of the PowerPlate (P²) family of products, P²-Coating can be freely combined with other P² applications.

P²-Coating is the reliable all-in-one solution for the quality inspection of coated glass. It performs inspection tasks in in-line and off-line coating processes for any type of coated glass, including sun protection mirrors, electro-chromic and anti-reflective glass. The tiniest coating defects, even the slightest of color irregularities or differences will be identified by the system’s watchful eye. This is made possible by a unique combination of hardware, lighting and defect classification software, built to fit into a compact high-capacity unit.

Innovative features help to accomplish the highest productivity. Combi-Mode allows running multiple optical inspection channels through only one single camera. Multi-View empowers the system to calculate more than 100 characteristics per channel and defect. The Color Angle Shift channel, for example, checks the entire coated surface for color shifts, using both a wide as well as a sharp viewing angle. This is an essential step to ensure the consistent appearance of building glazing.

Using ISRA’s P²-Coating inspection system pays off in two ways. First, it improves the output towards the highest possible quality level with a minimal effort. Second, it helps to tremendously lower production costs, as made evident in the example of a customer from Great Britain: The customer used to manufacture coated glass on a four-shift operation, assigning quality control to one human operator per shift. By making the easy switch to the fully-automated inspection of P²-Coating, cost-intensive labour and the complaint rate could be drastically reduced. The generated annual savings add up to the six-digit figure range.

In short: P²-Coating is made to reach the best coating quality. It helps achieve outstanding results through an early, reliable identification of defects, thus helping to reduce production costs by saving resources. The path towards the crucial point of return on investment is notably short: Since installation and maintenance remain on a very economic level and the system does not require complex hardware, amortization is only a few months away.

600450 Reduce labour and complaints, gain production precision and quality of coated glass

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