PVC-U windows with new thermal insulation technology

PVC-U windows with new thermal insulation technology
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PVC-U window profiles with proEnergyTec, the intelligent insulation technology, are the latest generation. Foaming uses exclusively an eco-friendly agent.

This new technology gives rise to a completely thermally insulated profile that is also setting standards for ecological compatibility.

The PVC-U profile is foam-filled before leaving the factory and is processed as usual by the window maker. Foaming with an eco-friendly agent completely free of greenhouse gases (HFCs) means that our profiles are 100% recyclable.

This protects the environment and resources. In addition, proEnergyTec achieves far better insulating values than manual inserts up to passive house suitability as set down in the ift guideline WA 15/2.

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Date: 6 April 2017
Source: www.koemmerling.com

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