Licensed Production for Explosive Resistance Glasses

Date: 28 April 2016

Date: 27 April 2016

Nekotech Industy will provide the licensed production for explosive resistance glasses Hercules V. This glass has one of the highest quality of explosive resistance glasses in Japan. Laminated anti bomb blast glass such like Hercules V is difficult to produce.

So, we provide the licensed production for Hercules V. The cost for installation machinery for producing Hercules V is lower than the other glass production. Actually some asian glass makers introduced this solution.

Following informations are our strong points.

1.The Transparency

This glass is composed with 2 glasses, 2 polyulethanes and 1 polycarbonate. Though it composed with 5 layers, our glass is not corroded with any bubbles. This is the strong point.

2.The High Level Explosive Resistance

This glass has high level explosive resistance as Australian and New Zealand 2343-1997. Bomb Blast. This standard proves the hardness that is not penetrated debris after 2 explosions of hand grenade HG85 in 1 meter range to the glass.

↓You can confirm the experiment for explosive resistance in following URL!explosive-resistance-glass/g1a9g

** Examples of Technology Adoptions **

To introduce this product as counter terrorism policy.

(Building, Plant, Public Office, Station, Nuclear Power Plant, Embassies )


We have the experiences to provide our licensed production for Southeastern Asian Countries, Middle East Countries and China. Email: URL:

600450 Licensed Production for Explosive Resistance Glasses

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