LandGlass Tempering Furnace Immune to Temperature

LandGlass Tempering Furnace Immune to Temperature
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Does the change of ambient temperature have influence on the quality of tempered glass? If so, what shall we do to tackle the problem?

If you are worried about this, LandGlass glass tempering machine will help you solve the problem. 

LandGlass glass tempering furnace is equipped with its  adaptive compensating system, with which the impact on the quality of tempered glass due to ambient temperature change can be eliminated effectively.

Servo system is adopted in the quenching section of LandGlass glass tempering furnace to manage the air 

pressure, and it compensates the air pressure difference due to different air densities caused by seasonal temperature change (even temperature difference day and night) . High quality products with great repeatability are assured by the use of this system. And the  adaptive compensating system also reduces the dependence on operators and the energy consumption of the blowers.

LandGlass’ Adaptive Compensating System is your best option to solve the tempered glass quality fluctuation problem caused by the ambient temperature change.

600450 LandGlass Tempering Furnace Immune to Temperature

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