LandGlass at GlassBuild America 2018

LandGlass, with a full range of flat & bent glass tempering solutions, covering areas from architecture, furniture, household appliance, automobile to solar energy industries and its energy-efficient fully tempered vacuum insulated glass-LandVac, participated in GBA held from Sep.12-14, 2018.

As the first glass tempering furnace manufacturer in mainland China successfully entering the U.S. market, LandGlass has successfully sold dozens of glass tempering furnaces to that region after years of sustained effort. Most notable was the fact that in recent years, several well-known American glass companies had also purchased forced convection glass tempering machine from LandGlass, attracting widespread attention in the field of glass tempering in the U.S.!

As a result, new and old customers constantly flocked to the LandGlass booth at this year’s exhibition. One of many such old customers was from Canada. His hearty laughter, sense of humor, and professional knowledge in glass tempering machine had left a deep impression with us. This particular customer specially flown in from Canada to visit LandGlass. He wanted to both express his gratitude and discuss new cooperation intention with LandGlass. It turned out that when he first entered the glass processing industry ten years ago, he purchased one glass tempering furnace from LandGlass to produce door and window glass. The great working condition of LandGlass glass tempering furnace in the past ten years as well as the support of the LandGlass’ after-sales service network in North America had helped his business grow rapidly into a well-known local company. Therefore, when an intention came about to purchase a new glass tempering furnace this time around, he thought of LandGlass right away.

LandGlass at GlassBuild America 2018

In addition to glass tempering furnaces, LandVac as another LandGlass’ core product had also stirred a great sensation at the exhibition. visitors and customers had shown strong interest in LandVac’s superior performance in thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and anti-condensation. Some customers had even expressed their purchasing intentions!

At present, LandVac has successfully passed the most reputable certification tests in the industry including ISO9001 quality system certification, German ift thermal transmittance test, sound isolation test, U.S. ATI wind resistance test, and ANSI impact resistance test.Furthermore, it has also become the first domestic glass product certified by SGCC of US. LandVac’s superior performance has been widely recognized by professional testing institutions and market alike!

600450 LandGlass at GlassBuild America 2018

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