Karen LaMonte is elected “The Glass Person of the Year 2024”

“Reclining Cloud Dress.” Taken at Karen LaMonte’s studio in Prague. Karen LaMonte (centre), Erik Muijsenberg (right), Aleksander Pinda (left)
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“Reclining Cloud Dress.” Taken at Karen LaMonte’s studio in Prague. Karen LaMonte (centre), Erik Muijsenberg (right), Aleksander Pinda (left)

Date: 2 May 2024

The artist Karen LaMonte is the 52nd recipient of the Phoenix Award and The Glass Person of the Year 2024.

Her profound contributions to the medium of glass have significantly shaped the field. Her dedication to sustainability is exemplified by her commitment to being carbon-negative and climate-positive.

Karen LaMonte is a multifaceted contemporary artist renowned for her compelling work with glass among other materials. She creates art that challenges and expands our understanding of form and beauty. This award celebrates her exceptional achievements in glass, highlighting her ability to masterfully manipulate this versatile medium to explore deep themes of identity, beauty, and the human condition.

Since its inception in 1971, the Phoenix Award has honoured those who redefine the boundaries of glass in both industry and art. Karen LaMonte's career is a testament to this pioneering spirit. Her works invite viewers to a realm of grace and introspection, where each piece not only demonstrates technical excellence, but also embodies a powerful narrative depth.

Among her notable contributions are her life-sized intricately detailed glass dresses, each bearing the haunting impression of a body within. These evocative sculptures delve into themes of femininity and identity, celebrated for their unique ability to bridge personal experiences with universal truths.

LaMonte's "Floating World" series uses the kimono to explore ideas of culture, perception, identity and beauty.  To profound effect, her "Nocturnes" series delves into themes of night and absence, using the interplay of shadow and form to deepen the dialogue on femininity and the ethereal.  Most recently, she has turned her focus to weather, using the unexpected physicality of clouds to connect natural forms with human themes.

Her commitment extends beyond the studio. LaMonte is a leader in environmental sustainability, consistently working to ensure her practice is carbon-negative. Her innovative collaborations with climatologists to create sculptures based on real weather data emphasize her dedication to blending art with environmental consciousness.

Karen LaMonte's relentless pursuit of excellence and her profound influence on the art of glassmaking set her apart as a source of inspiration for artists worldwide. Her recognition as The Glass Person of the Year is not only a nod to her artistic achievements, but also to her role as a vanguard in the ongoing dialogue between art and nature.

Banquet chair Aleksander Pinda and Phoenix Chairman Erik Muijsenberg had the privilege of visiting Karen LaMonte at her studio in Prague, Czechia, on March 25 to personally inform her of her selection as the 2024 Phoenix Award recipient. The award presentation will take place in Czechia, a country renowned for its contributions to both the artistic and industrial realms of glass, during a banquet scheduled for Friday, October 11, in Prague, Czechia.

Additional information and images of Karen LaMonte's work can be found on her website at www.KarenLaMonte.com

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