Introduction to Architectural Glass Used on Doors and Windows

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Architectural tempered glass is made of sheet glass tempered in glass tempering furnace.

When glass is quenched in tempering section after being heated in tempering furnace to 650oC, the internal molecular structure of the glass gets rearranged to create powerful even compressive stress on the surface and tensile stress inside.  The glass undergone such process is called tempered glass.

Tempered glass is typically several times the mechanical strength of regular float glass.

Low-emissivity coated glass

Low-emissivity coated glass is also called Low-E glass. Depending on the silver coating or other low-emissivity metallic oxide film applied to the surface, glass takes on different colors. The main purpose of the coating is to reduce the U-value of the glass while selectively lowering the shading coefficient for improved performance in energy efficiency. Feature highlights: Directly reflecting far-infrared radiation with high IR reflection rate; Low-emissivity surface, absorbing limited external energy and radiating even less heat; wide range shading coefficient (Sc) allowing adjustment of sunlight transmittance in accordance to the needs in different areas.

Heat reflective coated glass

Heat reflective coated glass is a glass product with its surface coated by a very thin reflective film usually made from two or more layers of metal or metallic oxide through vacuum magnetron sputtering process. It reduces energy consumption of air-conditioner by limiting visible light transmittance and keeping solar radiation out. The metal or metallic oxide layer gives the glass a colorful appearance, providing options to architectural possibilities. The coating intends to lower the shading coefficient of the glass and limit the direct solar radiation penetration. The heat reflective coating does not have noticeable effect on far-infrared rays to improve U-value. Heat reflective coated glass is tempered in Jet Convection glass tempering furnace.

LandGlass is high-tech corporation specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing glass tempering furnaces, including jet convection glass tempering furnace, gas heating glass tempering furnace, and bent glass tempering furnace. Under the guidance of LandGlass’ principle in integrity, quality, innovation, and service, the company is committed to providing its customers the world leading glass tempering equipment of various types that allow them to challenge themselves and succeed.

600450 Introduction to Architectural Glass Used on Doors and Windows

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