The Hydro site in Dormagen, Germany

The Hydro site in Dormagen, Germany
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Date: 27 June 2019

Building with vision means taking the future seriously.

WICONA presented to the press, on 5 June 2019, their new generation of low-carbon aluminium, at the Hydro site in Dormagen (Germany). In the coming weeks, the WICONA brand will be at the forefront of Hydro’s voluntary commitment to sustainable development.

Hydro is current the only producer in the world capable of supplying prime quality end of life recycled content of more than 75%, illustrating the value of Hydro Circal 75R from a climate perspective. Aluminium is infinitely recycable and can be used over and over again without loss of quality or properties. Still, hi-tech equipment is necessary to dig deeper into the scrap pile.

The Hydro site in Dormagen, Germany

Up to 36,000 tons of aluminum scrap can be processed annually in the Dormagen hydro-recycling plant in order to supply them with the production of high-quality facade profiles. The quality of the recycled profiles is equivalent to that of profiles made of pure primary aluminum. This is made possible by new processing processes, according to WICONA.

The Hydro site in Dormagen, Germany

Dr-Ing Werner Jager, Director Technology and Marketing: "With the recycling plant, we are unique in closing the recycling cycle in the industry, and the new profile material we bring to the market is monitored and certified annually by independent auditors, with 75% or more of recycled aluminum we are already better on the carbon footprint than a plastic window, but we want to get even better and catch up with wood."

The Hydro site in Dormagen, Germany

Future urban development is inconceivable without sustainable reuse of materials. Hydro Circal 75R offers tomorrow’s standards today – WICONA, part of Hydro Group, is proud to present the most sustainable aluminium system solutions in the building industry.

The Hydro site in Dormagen, Germany

600450 The Hydro site in Dormagen, Germany

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