Highly innovative technologies for digital printing on glass showcased at Glasstec

Highly innovative technologies for digital printing on glass showcased at Glasstec 2018
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Showstoppers at the event were live printing demonstrations offered by Tecglass for the many visitors who crowded the Fenzi Group stand.

Glass decoration experts got hands-on proof of the superior functionality and high quality of the products developed by the Spanish industry leader in technology.

Javier Fernandez and Manuel Ramos, co-founders of Tecglass, expressed the company’s immense satisfaction:

“The response was outstanding in terms of visitors, many business contacts and deals closed. The international trade professionals were extremely appreciative of our technology and this is the highest form of praise for the entire team that worked on developing the new products on display. With a view to meeting the needs of those who use our machines every day, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that will bring greater efficiency to our machines and improved print quality. This is precisely our goal in offering cutting-edge tools – like the Single Pass Evolution, designed for continuous cycle production at maximum speed and efficiency, even with super-thin glass; the Side Kinetix option for those who print on oversized glass sheets, up to 18 meters long; the Vitro Scan Tool, and the new ultra-high resistance inks with unique shades of yellow, red and orange. A truly positive year, filled with achievements and new products, it could not end without an excellent outcome at Glasstec – a journey that will continue in the coming years with many new innovations already in the works for 2019”.

Highly innovative technologies for digital printing on glass showcased at Glasstec 2018

In the spotlight was the global preview of the brand-new Single Pass Evolution – a new Single Pass model that takes printing to even higher levels of efficiency and accuracy. Exceptional performance – capable of increasing the output and flexibility of the entire print cycle, optimizing production times and costs, while improving print results – makes the new Single Pass Evolution truly unique.

It can reach print speeds of 9 meters in 60 seconds, in continuous cycle, on glass sheets of any width. The Single Pass Evolution comes standard with the Vitro Scan tool to ensure perfect print results.

Highly innovative technologies for digital printing on glass showcased at Glasstec 2018

It automatically reads and records the dimensions and position of the glass prior to printing – thus reducing the possibility of error – allows for more reliable results, makes the operator’s job easier and optimizes production speed. It is especially valuable when printing on irregularly-shaped sheets of glass.

Already a favorite with many companies specialized in glass production for the most state-of-the-art architectural projects, the Vitro Jet F Type Side Kinetix was a ‘must show’ at Glasstec. Side Kinetix technology changes the direction of the printing process, allowing the head to move lengthwise relative to the support table.

Highly innovative technologies for digital printing on glass showcased at Glasstec 2018

In this way it is possible to always print in the direction of the long side of the glass, even with extremely large-sized glass sheets. A truly exclusive technology for an even more versatile machine that can ensure the client greater efficiency and production speed.

During the live demonstrations over the four days of the show, Side Kinetix outstanding performance was further enhanced by the use of a new line of ceramic inks custom-developed to intensify the colors of glass walls and allow designers around the world the utmost freedom of expression.

Jetver Ultra ceramic inks deliver particularly brilliant colors, especially in the most diverse shades of red, yellow and orange, elevating the aesthetic appeal of glass surfaces.

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