Hegla cuts throught the competition

Over the last couple of years those who have managed to adjust to the economic conditions in the UK have carefully structured business plans to incorporate only the most cost effective machinery solutions.

Increasing efficiency and output has been a priority as the demand from pressurised customers for many UK manufacturers took precedence in a savage market. Whilst all companies across many industries have been hit and relatively hard Hegla has accommodated customer needs and ensured that reliability and increased productivity would guarantee positive results. Whilst the Hegla pedigree is well established as premium both in the UK and abroad, those making investments have evaluated the market carefully before making the commitment to purchase and subsequently they have not been disappointed. Ensuring that customers production methods are as efficient as possible before installing new equipment is essential for the Hegla team worldwide, as they stand or fall by the promises they make.In relation to cutting, without doubt Hegla is at the forefront of the industry particularly in relation to the PRO LAM range of laminated cutting tables with the many unique options available.

The combi tables available from Hegla can easily accommodate future market standards and trends as they are introduced, offering complete, tailored solutions with the ability to be fully integrated into existing production facilities.

The major benefits of the combi-tables include laser marking capabilities as well as offering bridges in a variety of sizes (3.7m, 4.6m, 6. m and 9.m) for all sized manufacturers requirements.

Split belt drive systems with automatic movement and positioning in combination with automatic sub plate rotation ensure fast accurate operation for the laminated cutting process. Additionally whilst finishing the last sub plate of a laminated sheet the next sheet can be loaded onto the table, then positioned and edge deleted if required, giving the added bonus of increasing output.

Hegla also offers optional advantages including the patented PVB overlap trimming system for better positioning accuracy. Designed with efficiency in mind, the run out after the laminated bridge can be multi-functional offering compact solutions for float glass cutting.

Steve Goble comments, “The use of laminated glass is increasing substantially in the UK and will continue to do so as regulations and trading standards change. Hegla has substantial experience within this field where in markets such as Germany technical developments have advanced more as laminated glass is by far the most dominant safety glass used. In order to gain a competitive edge in this industry it is imperative to accurately cut, break and separate as fast as possible during the production process.

He concludes, “With additional options such as twin soft coat edge deletion, automatic PVB overlap trimming and high speed separation reducing heat in the glass along with automatic off-cut storage and re-use, manufacturers will gain a competitive advantage.”

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