Glasslam's New Spacer Manufacturing System

Pompano Beach, FL April 5, 2011 Glasslam’s First New Silicone Spacer Module Arrives Glasslam has announced the arrival of its first fully inline silicone spacer module at its Pompano Beach, FL headquarters.

According to CEO Steve Howes, “We’re very excited to show off this new manufacturing system to any company interested in making their own silicone spacer at a fraction of their current costs. The payback is unbelievably quick, and the system is a game-changer in warm edge spacer.”

Howes went on to say feedback has been amazing from many of the largest users of flexible spacer in the world. Matt Hale, Air-Tight Products Sales Manager for Glasslam compares the impact of the new system to that of the regionalization of custom tempering over the last twenty years. “

There was a time when large regional glass tempering companies shipped their products hundreds and thousands of miles. Now there are state-of-the-art tempering facilities in most every metropolitan area. That’s what this Glasslam invention means for the warm edge spacer business.”

Howes states that the new system will operate using less than 10 percent of the energy costs of current flexible spacer manufacturing processes, making the new Glasslam system the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced way to make warm edge spacer products.

Glasslam, based in Pompano Beach, FL is a world leader in laminated glass technology and quality window components.

For more information about Glasslam, please visit or call (954) 975-3233. 1601 Blount Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 (954) 975-3233 FAX (954) 975-3225

600450 Glasslam's New Spacer Manufacturing System
Date: 11 April 2011
Source: Glasslam

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